From Hate Speech To Religion, Why Do So Many On The Left Seem To Get It So Backwards?

As anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knows, I enjoy tweaking my liberal friends every chance I get. I also go after hate speech and hypocrisy with a vengeance. Neither of those purposes is behind this post. These are real questions. Rational explanations are welcome.

Hate Speech

Immediately following the shootings in Tucson, the left attributed the actions of a deranged young man to “right-wing hate speech.” More troubling, many liberals (including high-profile pundits) were specific: Sarah Palin was responsible for the murder of six innocent people, and the critical injury of a widely respected Congresswoman. Left-wing blogs began to call for her assassination and worse. (Cancer and rape for example.) They tell us that the right is culpable; we are responsible for the hateful change of tone in political discourse. While there are certainly loons on both ends of the political spectrum, I have challenged my Democratic friends on numerous occasions to point me to comments from conservative politicians or respected pundits who have said anything close to the recent attacks on Palin, or those wishing Jesse Helms or his grandchildren would die of AIDS.


Why do so many on the left preach to us about tolerance of Muslims and Islam while simultaneously demonstrating blatant intolerance of Christianity? From accusing those of us who object to building a mosque near Ground Zero of bigotry, to Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar’s meltdown when Bill O’Reilly simply said (correctly) that Muslims attacked us on 09/11, the left is quick to rush to Islam’s defense.

The depiction of Jesus Christ submerged in urine is strongly defended as “art” while “In God We Trust” on our currency is opposed. Private prayer in schools is prohibited while the inclusion of Muslim history and Islamic teachings in public school curriculum (for the purpose of “tolerance and understanding”) is allowed.

Equally perplexing to me is why so many atheists are so ANGRY at Christianity. I couldn’t care less that Bill Maher and Christopher Hitchens are atheists, as many on the left are. Their derision, condemnation, and outright hatred towards all things Christian is another matter. What causes these people to feel the need to be so outwardly bitter about Christianity, while being so tolerant of Islam?


Contrary to Spike Lee’s recent comment that “America is the most violent country in the history of the world,” we live in arguably the most forgiving nation on earth. From the rebuilding of Japan and Germany following WWII to present day, Americans are the most forgiving people in the world, without precedent or parallel.

I often wonder what would happen to Sean Penn, Michael Moore, and others like them if they were citizens of Venezuela and made the types of comments about Chavez and his country that they make about President Bush and America. While leftists like Chavez and Ahmadinejad rail against the U.S. constantly, they must be dumbfounded by the tolerance our government displays when America’s left publicly denigrates our country with regularity.

Do you suppose they secretly (and begrudgingly) admire us as a result?

Don’t misunderstand me. I believe the left has the right to say whatever it wants, whenever and wherever it wants to say it. I just wonder if it ever even occurs to liberals who rant against America and the things it stands for how fortunate they are to live in the very country that gives them that right.

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  1. I’ll take these issues one at a time….

    Hate Speech

    I don’t think it is fair or logical to stereotype all liberals based on the rantings of lunatic, extreme left wing bloggers. I can go toe to toe with you on hate speech from lunatic, extreme right wing bloggers (homophobes, racists, etc.)

    I have never heard any of my “real life” liberal friends say anything this hateful about Sarah Palin. I’ve also never heard anyone on the media I listen to or watch say they want her to be assassinated or raped. I listen/watch/read NPR, CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Bill Maher, Time magazine. I also read the Star & the IBJ, but I don’t think you can call them liberal (except Ken Bode & Dan Carpenter). I also listen to the Dennis Miller Show on my way home from work.

    We make fun of Palin’s bloopers and can’t understand how anyone could really think she is capable of serving as our president, but that is nothing like the accusations you are making. I’m not saying you are lying – I’m sure you can quote some hateful bloggers. I’ll even admit that Maher goes over the top at times, but Good Lord….

    I can site several instances of Rush making racist comments and racist impersonations …Glen Beck saying Obama hates white people, etc. And these dudes aren’t fringee bloggers – they are on tv and radio shows our kids can listen to.

    I think Jon Stewart’s take on Sarah Palin this week is a good example of how and why most liberals are so frustrated with her:


    • Hey, my intent was not to suggest that ALL liberals are responsible for the hateful rhetoric I refer to in this post. I also said there were loons on both ends of the spectrum. (Did that surprise you?)

      I also didn’t say that your pundits say Sarah Palin should be killed or raped. (Although Bill Maher comes pretty frickin’ close.) What I DID say was pundits on the left began to blame Palin SPECIFICALLY for the shooting. That is unconscionable. Their loony followers listen to them. Then the left-wing blogs, various liberals on Twitter, fb, etc. begin to go after Palin with the sort of vile comments I mentioned. Not only are these pundits guilty of the very thing they condemn the right for…they take it up a notch by “naming names” in the middle of a horrific act of violence. This is dangerous and irresponsible. Obama called for an end to the blame game, which was why I admired him that night.

      We can always go tit-for-tat playing “he said, she said,” but my point here is that blaming an innocent individual for the murder of six people is unforgivable, as is the AIDS quote I often refer to.

      • The “Blame the Right” was a knee jerk reaction immediately following the shooting – it ended as soon as we found out more about the mental health history of this kid about 48 hours later. I don’t think that response was that far fetched since Gabby’s Arizona office windows were smashed in last spring after her vote on the health care bill.

        In her interview with Sean Hannity last week, Sarah Palin actually suggested that the shooter may be a leftist. I’ve also heard others on Fox speculate he is on the left because of the his favorite books; i.e., Mein Kampf. The right is saying he is a communist, therefore a democrat.

        There is a lot of folks on BOTH sides of the aisle trying to capitalize on this shooting.

  2. Religion

    Again, I think you are stereotyping based on things you read or see in the media.

    Most of my liberal friends are Christians and attend church. I also have many Jewish friends. I attend Epworth United Methodist Church and am proud to boast about our diversity. We have mostly republicans and also democrats, agnostics, blacks, gays, mentally handicapped folks….and we (most of the time) have very civilized conversations in our Sunday school classes and sanctuary.

    The mosque at ground zero: Many of my liberal friends (including myself) realize it’s a community center with a mosque inside, but still agree with you that it is inappropriate to build there. It really is not an ornate mosque like many believe.

    Thought Joy & Whoopi were wrong to walk off stage. Cowardly really. Stay and have some dialogue with him.

    I can’t disagree with your logic that a majority of atheists are probably liberal, but I totally disagree with the way you phrased it – that many on the left are atheists. That’s not my experience. Many are Christian and many are Jewish.

    • The intent wasn’t to stereotype or suggest that the majority of those on the left are atheists. (By the way, when I refer to “the left” I tend to think of it as farther out there than moderate liberals.)

      The point was two-fold:

      HYPOCRISY: How can people (atheists or not) preach to us about tolerance of Islam while displaying such blatant intolerance of Christianity? Like it or not, the majority of these people are leftists.


      I have never been able to understand the bitterness that exists in SOME atheists. I don’t resent them for being non-believers, couldn’t care less. The condescending derision is what bothers me. It’s not just the Bill Mahers of the world. I have a brother-in-law who behaves the same way. What is it that makes these people “go off” on Christianity every chance they get? It’s interesting that we’re told how intolerant Christians are, but I don’t recall seeing a believer rant about atheists a la Bill Maher style. (Pat Robertson is a wingnut…he doesn’t count…lol.)

      As for the mosque, community center-shmunity center. I don’t care if it’s a bingo parlor, it’s just wrong to build it there. As you know, “perception is more important than fact” sometimes. As usual, we are called on to be tolerant or sensitive to the other side. Shouldn’t “peace loving” Muslims be sensitive to US here? My God, if there was ever an instance when that should happen, this is it. It’s my understanding that the Saudis are attempting to get the mosque relocated…will stay tuned.

  3. America

    You are right (no pun intended) – we are the most forgiving nation in the world. WE are also the most generaous when it comes to foreign aid and the private charitable contributions we all make to other countries in need.

    Then why are we so hateful and violent to each other?

    Here is my answer:

    Her aha moment – all these labels we use to demonize each other don’t actually fit anyone we actually personally know. Take a break from all the vitriol on radio and tv and just take “the Other” to lunch.

    p.s – you’ll be happy to hear that NPR is reporting that Olberman is off the air:


    • This one is easy. Why is it always (and I mean ALWAYS) those on the LEFT who badmouth our country? It’s one thing to go after each other the way we do, but to disparage the very country that gives you the right to do so? Unbelievable. UNFORGIVING when you’re standing next Chavez.

      Please don’t confuse this by thinking that I don’t believe we should criticize our government, laws, policies, etc. That’s not what I’m saying at all. But comments like Spike Lee’s? ALWAYS from the left.

      It’s takes a “special” sort of cynicism to do that. Do you honestly not understand that it’s NOT coincidental that THAT MINDSET is the same one that drives their hate speech about other issues? Think about this at length before you respond. ;-)

      • I’ll take my time before I reply with evidence – good advice.

        You should also think things through from our perspective. I feel like the right attacks our country when it attacks my gay friends. I feel the right attacks our country when it attacks my non-christian friends. I feel the far, far whacko right attacks our country when it attacks my black friends.

        I know both sides are biased.

        • I’m with you on most of your comment. I don’t believe I’ve ad hominem attacks on any of the folks you identified. The exception of course is atheists-BUT- my criticism of them is reserved for their hate and condescension towards Christians. Other than that, I couldn’t care LESS what they do. I really couldn’t.

  4. wish your blog had a spell check :)

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