I don’t know if The Gipper is rolling over in his grave, laughing his ass off, or both. During coverage of Obama’s speech last night, all three broadcast networks managed to compare Barrack Obama to RONALD REAGAN. Yep, you read that right. Incredible, huh?

On CBS, Miss Katie touted how political analyst Jeff Greenfield thought it was “down right Reaganesque” and that “some” have argued “this could be his Reagan moment.” Greenfield himself declared: “He kept talking about winning the future, and that was always a big theme for Reagan….the constant reiteration of optimism….he was clearly striking rhetorical notes that reminded me of Ronald Reagan.” WAIT, WHAT?

Meanwhile, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams noted how “The President is very sensitive lately, highly bothered by any kind of defeatism…that’s part of what he went after tonight.” Andrea Mitchell chimed in: “That’s exactly what he was trying to get after and I think he was trying to invoke the optimism, the can-do spirit that brings to mind Ronald Reagan in these settings.” OKAY, WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?

If all of this wasn’t bizarre enough, ABC’s Christiane Amanpour proclaimed that Obama’s address was “full of sunny optimism, very Reaganesque, on and on about American exceptionalism in many, many instances. That moment was remarkable.” YOU’RE MESSIN’ WITH US, RIGHT?

I don’t know anything about pigs flying or hell freezing over, but I do know what the networks thought about Ronald Reagan when he was president. I also know that they are pulling out all the stops and doing everything they can to prop up Barrack Obama.

Even if that means comparing him to The Gipper.

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  1. I can only say, Wow! Apparently they don’t have drug testing policies at the networks because they have to be completely stoned to even suggest that.

  2. I’m a sucker for a presidential great speech, and I wouldn’t put speech even in Obama’s top ten. I do consider him one of our best presidential orators in my lifetime, and would rank him right up there with Reagan. He’s articulate (anyone is compared to W), warm, and engaging.

    Reagan gave some awsome speeches – most notably, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!”, but I think I’d have to rank JFK as number one in my book. Reagan and Clinton are a tie, then Obama. Note I said my lifetime – FDR & Lincoln probably knock Obama out of the top five.

    I think it is a great compliment to Reagan that they used him as a comparison rather than Kennedy or FDR.

    • As I said earlier, I’m not sure that Reagan would view it as a compliment to be compared to Obama. While the two share an oratorical gift that few presidents have had, when it comes to substance…not so much.

      Reagan’s views on the role the federal goverment, and his true belief in American Exceptionalism as defined by de Toqueville are contrary to Obama’s “world view” and his desire to remake America in the image of Europe.

      • Hey, you gotta admit I’m out there in front. O’Reilly did a segment on the sudden infatuation with Reagan tonight. The Time magazine thing is hysterical.

        I thought dead celebs had agents these days to protect them from this type of thing…

  3. touché – I was strictly referring to their oratorical gifts.

    BUT, still don’t agree with the comment that Obama is trying to remake us in the image of Europe. Which Europe? I’ve visited east and west. Both very different. Hope it’s west Europe – have shared some awesome times with my cousins from Scotland. They get triple our vacation days :)

    • Okay, I’ll be more specific: France and/or Germany.

      Obama’s vision is to remake America into a social democracy with a larger public sector, expanded entitlements, and stronger labor unions; all with more governmental control and oversight.

      Unlike conservatives, Obama does not believe in a government of limited powers at the federal level. One of your pals on Doug’s wall called Tea Partiers “lemmings.” I find that so ironic, because that is exactly what liberalism is all about; a sort of “group-speak.” The political center of this country is composed of individually-minded people. THAT’s what conservatism is all about…c’mon over!

      • I really don’t think that’s what “Obama” wants – Were you this afraid when Clinton was in office too? Just curious. What’s so different about this democrat? He doesn’t appear to be more extreme than other democrats.

        Deregulation for the financial industry taken too far didn’t do us any favors with what happened(under Bush’s rule) to our economy. When we had some government control and oversight, this BS didn’t happen.

        Expanded entitlements & stronger labor unions – what specifically are you referring to? Not being sarcastic, just up too late :) Good night!

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