Mexico Files Brief in U.S. Court: Utah Immigration Law Could ‘Strain Relations’


COJONES. The Spanish word of the day? Nope. Guess again. It’s what it takes – large ones – for Mexico and 13 other Latin American countries to file motions in U.S. federal court expressing opposition to Utah’s new illegal immigration enforcement law.

In its latest display of brazen hypocrisy, Mexico lists several reasons for its opposition to HB497, including the impediment of diplomatic relations, hindering trade and tourism, and possible harassment of Mexican citizens. Say it out loud: TENER CAJONES.

“Mexico respectfully submits that if HB497 is allowed to take effect, it will have significant and long-lasting adverse impact on U.S.-Mexico bilateral relations, and on Mexican citizens and other people of Latin American descent present in Utah.”


Speaking of “high,” the brief was filed in support of a class-action lawsuit brought against Utah by the ACLU, “our nation’s guardian of liberty,” and the National Immigration Law Center, whose mission is “to defend and advance the rights and opportunities of low-income immigrants and their family members.” (If you randomly insert the words “socialist” or “illegal” into these organizations’ mission statements, you’ll get a pretty clear picture of what they’re all about.)

In a separate motion, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay asked to join the brief.

So let’s take a couple of these charges “seriously” for a moment, and see what we can come up with, shall we?

Impediment of Diplomatic Relations. Let me see if I have this right: The cold-blooded murder of American tourists, missionaries and unarmed ICE agents in Mexico poses less of an adverse impact on U.S.-Mexico bilateral relations, than does Utah’s attempt to create a Guest Worker Program, or enforce state law when people enter our country ILLEGALLY?  Am I missing something here?

Hindrance of Tourism. Must be that peyote kicking in again. Not sure if you people have looked out your (hopefully bullet-proof) windows lately, but there aren’t a helluva lot of American tourists choosing Mexico as their dream vacation destinations lately. Call us Yankee sissies – but that whole out-of-control murderous drug-war-thing you got goin’ on (mostly) south of the border? No, gracias.

Harassment of Mexican Citizens. You threw this one in just for grins, right? Are you talking about harassment similar to the twice-deported illegal alien’s murder of the Houston police officer recently? Or perhaps you’re referring to the illegal alien charged with triple-murder in Virginia earlier this year? Or Nancy Davis, the American missionary, who was killed in Mexico in January? If I’m on the wrong track here – give me holler.

Listen up chicos, this gringo has a simple suggestion that could solve this whole darn thing – pronto: Just have Barack Obama’s amigo – Felipe Calderón – fax a copy of Mexico’s immigration laws over to the White House and we’ll get working on bringing our laws into alignment with yours, immediately, ¿de acuerdo? Oh, and chicos? Could you please ask Felipe to include a personalized note to Barack telling him it’s okay to proceed? He doesn’t listen to us.

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11 replies

  1. Quiere decir “cojones.” Cajones significa “big boxes” or dresser drawers.

  2. To those who are holding those protest signs, (illegal aliens, and la raza) the United States purchased the land from your country legally and ended a war your country started. Learn your country’s history. If you can even find the truth.

    • The level of hypocrisy to which the left, (politicians, MSNBC, New York Times, etc. included) will stoop knows no bounds.

      Never forget, liberalism is generally based on emotion.

      These people NEVER let facts get in the way.

  3. Mexican land was not bought – (WILLINGLY) … massacre, after massacre – Mexico losing many wars – THE BYING DEAL was just “FORMALITY” – to fooled the world that they bought it in good faith, and it was SOLD good faith too – but far from the truth!!! – Greed & demoralization OF the people– played a big roll in this so called SALE – the Mexican people DID NOT SELL IT…only the few in charge??? — THE MEXICAN PEOPLE – DID NOT KNOW MUCH LESS AGREE ” UNANIMOUSLY” TO SELL THEIR OWN – RIGHTEOUS- INHERITED LAND >>?- would you sell your HOME LAND TO ANYONE!!??? – NO MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY THEY WOULD GIVE YOU? and play/risk the wellbeing and LIVELYHOOD of your PEOPLE & COUNTRY…(of course the GOLD there was a BIG factor no?) —what gives a selective FEW the right to sell the country’s land??? NO ONE!! SO IN REALITY – IT IS TILL MEXICO’S LAND! — I AM SURE ALL MEXICANS FEEL THIS WAY AND ONE MUST ASKE — WHY??? — BECAUSE IT WAS GIVEN AWAY WHITHOUT THEIR CONSENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD!! NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO SELL – ONES COUNTRY LAND….I I REPEAT IT…BECAUSE THEY DID NOT OWN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. With that said below….the land they are claiming as theirs now…IS NOT the original/ unstructure land- nor has a Mexican Government – laws & monetary system – therefore – legally this is not their land – nor do they have legal rights to claim it (at this time) or be in USA illegal — is also the law – and in as much as I don’t agree with what happened with the Mexican-US history! – and territorial battles – and the losing of Mexican land to USA – the reality is the reality – the southern states no longer belong to Mexico – unfortunately for them-…so it is an issue of long never ending debates, and many unhappy parties on both sides of the spectrum.

    ps. excuse the typos – as my browser is defective .

  5. By losing some of their square footage, just less land to cover before they can break our laws, ruin or social programs, and raise our prison population. When was the last time a Mexican, or any southern Latin America country, had a scientist or engineer cross our border illegally?

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