Atheists to Celebrate ‘GodLESS’ America on Fourth of July


This Fourth of July, people in 27 states will have the “opportunity” to look up in the sky and catch airplanes flying “patriotic” banners “celebrating” Independence Day.

God Bless America?    Happy Birthday America?    America the Beautiful?

Hurray for the Red White and Blue?    Home of the Free and the Brave?

None of the above. The banner campaign, which was organized by our hypocritical pals at American Atheists, will feature the following “patriotic” messages:

GodLESS America!       Atheism is Patriotic!

Brings a patriotic tear to your patriotic eye, doesn’t it?

However, it appears that all is not going as well as planned for our “patriotic” GodLESS friends. According  to Justin Jaye of Fly Signs Aerial Advertising, who helped organize the nation-wide campaign, of the 85 people in the country who are able to fly banner-bearing planes, only 17 agreed to participate, as of Friday.

American Atheists claims that the campaign is about showing the country that atheists are patriotic people too. Bull hockey.

If the primary objective of the American Atheists campaign is to truly demonstrate the patriotism of atheists, why does it not fly banners with patriotic quotes ONLY, such as those I’ve included in this post? With a “brought to you by America’s Atheists” line?

Instead, it chooses agenda-driven quotes that jab at Christianity, and attempts to shove atheism down our throats – which is what it always does.

Wake up and smell the dishonesty, folks.

A tip to our atheist friends: Instead of “Atheism is Patriotic,” – which is an illogical statement – and no different than claiming “[Insert the name of any religion] is Patriotic,” – why not “Atheists are Patriotic?” Think about it.

This is a disingenuous organization which seeks to achieve its vision of a “GodLESS America” by thumbing its hypocritical nose at Christianity vs. simply attempting to build good-will for atheists. Perhaps, a new marketing director is in order.

Any claim to the contrary by these people is frankly, a bald-faced lie. Period.


Of course atheists love their country – just not its Christians.

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