I’ve grown accustomed to the government nipping at my ankles – particularly since our current Dear Leader moved his family into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. From taxes to healthcare, we’re gonna have our differences, but hey, it comes with the territory. No harm, no foul. Until we get to food.

When the government starts messing with my Big Mac, there’s gonna be hell to pay. Seriously!

Truth be told, I’m actually a bit of a health nut. But don’t misunderstand me, I LOVE a cheeseburger now and again. Pizza? God’s own food – as long as it’s South Side Chicago-style. (hand-tossed vs. deep dish) And Italian Beef Sandwiches from Portillo’s? It doesn’t get any better.

So what’s my beef? The Obama Administration’s efforts to pressure food companies to stop advertising junk food for children. This doesn’t sound all that sinister on the surface, but as is usually the case with anything from the government, the devil lies in the details.

One might raise an eyebrow and wonder whether the current administration should be concerned with spending any of its time worrying about policing the food we (and our children) eat, but let’s give them the benefit of the doubt: Of course we (and our children) should eat all things in moderation – especially foods high in fat content, sugar or sodium.

So again, where’s my beef? Some food companies say the government is going too far with guidelines proposed to shield children from ads for sugary and fatty foods. The problem?

First, the good news: Companies would be urged to market foods (to children ages 2 through 17) only if they are low in fats, sugars and sodium. Kudos, I agree completely.

And the bad news? Some whole wheat breads, for example, could be restricted because they contain “too much sodium.” I’m drawing a blank trying to remember whole wheat bread advertising campaigns aimed at children. Even worse? Bottled water could be in trouble because it doesn’t include enough nutrients. Rat to Barack: It’s WATER.

More bad (ominous) news? Whenever the government uses phraseology like “voluntary” and “guidelines,” it’s time to get suspicious, particularly when these “voluntary guidelines” are yet another attempt by the (Obama) government to worm its way into our lives.


In the meantime, I’ll have a Big Mac – extra Special Sauce, please. 

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  1. Very incisive comment. You’re right, the Obama Administration is crazy!

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