The Tea Party Express is calling for Barack Obama to copy its message – not its bus tour. Lord Obama, in a laughable display of “imitation is the best form of flattery,” is in the midst of a bus tour through America’s heartland. Lord Obama – aboard Debt Star One.

In a Monday statement, the group said:

“The purpose of the Tea Party Express tour is to get Washington to wake up to the fact that America can no longer grow the intrusive federal government, spend money in record amounts, or continue to skyrocket the national debt. President Obama is promoting a bigger government with higher taxes and more spending – a policy that has failed to restore America’s economic health, and contrary to the effective policies for creating jobs promoted by President John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.”

Taking a jab at Obama’s upcoming Cape Cod vacation, the group continued:

“The Tea Party Express went to Massachusetts to call attention to the failed policies promoted by Congressman Barney Frank that resulted in the housing bubble and collapse, the root of many of our current economic problems. In stark contrast, President Obama is going to Massachusetts for 10 days to play golf and go yachting on Cape Cod at taxpayer expense.”

Everything appears to be going well for Lord Obama – except that the props in his movie are talking back; and they’re not reading lines from teleprompters, written for them in advance. When asked by a Tea Partier how he expects “civil discourse” with Republicans when he calls them enemies, or his Vice-Lord alludes to the Tea Party as “terrorists,” Lord Obama stammered, hemmed and hawed – and then he lied – as is usually the case when the Lord is confronted with such opposition.

Lord Obama – on the Magical Misery Tour – aboard Debt Star One – in a galaxy much too close to home. Luke Skywalker can’t get here soon enough.

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