In an unprecedented, direct attack on the United States, Mexican President Felipe Calderón has placed “partial blame” on the U.S. for the deadly arson attack on a Mexican casino that left at least 52 people dead. The dousing of the casino with gasoline was just another act of terror in Mexico’s continuing war against the country’s drug syndicates.

While the attack was nothing new, Obama pal Calderón’s hypocritical criticism of the U.S. is another matter; it comes – in part – as a direct consequence of el presidente’s relationship with our own el presidente and their simpatico positions on U.S. immigration laws.

In a March article entitled Obama Shame: No Guns for U.S. Agents in Mexico, I wrote of Obama’s pathetic response (with Calderón at his side) to the execution of unarmed ICE agent, Jaime Zapata by Mexican drug thugs. Then there was Obama and Calderón, standing on the White House lawn, slamming Arizona’s immigration law. Best of all; Obama’s laughable analysis of the Arizona legislation: “Arizona’s law, which takes effect in July, will make it a crime under state law to be in the U.S. illegally.” 

In a 20-minute address to the Mexican people, Calderón spoke bluntly of his country’s violent drug war – repeatedly referring to the attack as terrorism. While admitting that rampant corruption within Mexico’s judiciary and law enforcement agencies were partially to responsible, he left no doubt where he placed the larger blame:

“We are neighbors, allies and friends. But you, too, are responsible. Part of the tragedy that we Mexicans are living through has to do with the fact that we are next to the world’s greatest drug consumer, and also the greatest global arms vendor that pays billions of dollars each year to criminals.”

Really, Felipe? Here’s another “part of the tragedy,” pal: Your corrupt government tacitly (or worse)  encourages its citizens (illegal aliens, to us) to invade our country on a daily basis. Your laughable, (How do you say “ballsy” in Spanish?) criticism of Arizona’s immigration law (with your trusty sidekick in tow) stands in stark contrast to your own hypocritical immigration laws.

As for the deadly violence heaped on your country by your drug cartels – to paraphrase Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright – Mexico’s chickens have come home to roost. Decades of corruption have consequences, Felipe. Clean up your own backyard before you criticize ours; whether our pandering president agrees with you, or not. Entiendo, señor Presidente?


Call me crazy, but what else should we expect from Calderón, when he has our president in his back pocket?

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  1. The same president that sends his working poor to the states for grunt jobs, free health services, and in return they send vast amounts of dollars back. OOPs, I sound a bit racist don’t I? LOL!

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