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Be still my heart!  Associated Press reports today that California is being overrun with pot shops.  Like foul sticky mushrooms, they have erupted in small shopping malls, neglected corners of city downtowns, and in-your-face store fronts.  The blinking neon marijuana leaves were bad enough, but could pot growing hippies be satisfied with their 1.3 billion dollar booming businesses?  Do the kind of people who open pot shops respect the law?  Did legalizing pot lead to less criminality in the drug arena?  With new federal activities to prosecute new drug crimes, have we really saved tax payer dollars by legalizing pot?  Of course not!  The pot shops have become brazen illegal drug operations where junkies can walk in as respected customers and purchase crack cocaine and other ‘hard’ drugs.  Of course, they have a ‘doctor’s note in hand for the marijuana and leave with extra prizes.

Prosecutors Friday described it as the first coordinated statewide offensive
against marijuana dealers and suppliers who use California’s 15-year-old medical
marijuana law as legal cover for running sophisticated drug trafficking ventures
in plain sight.

U.S. Attorney Benjamin Wagner cited a 2009 federal study that 72 percent of
marijuana plants eradicated nationwide were grown in California.

“California’s marijuana industry supplies the nation,” he said.”

“The actions were geared toward stopping a proliferation that has led to
thousands of pot shops opening their doors across the state. The spread was
fueled partly by the Obama administration’s assurance two years ago that it did
not plan to devote federal resources to countering marijuana outlets operating
in compliance with state laws.”

“It is “a Costco, Walmart-type model that we see across California,” said Andre
Birotte Jr., U.S. attorney in the Los Angeles-area. Some people making money
from medical marijuana openly revel in what some have called “the new California
gold rush,” he said.”

“The intention regarding medical marijuana under California state law was to
allow marijuana to be supplied to seriously ill people on a nonprofit basis,”
said U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag, the top federal law enforcement officer for the
San Francisco Bay area. “What we are finding, however, is that California’s laws
have been hijacked by people who are in this to get rich and don’t care at all
about sick people.”

And what is California’s reaction to this unprecedented explosion of illegal drug trafficking?   Well, that too is predictable.  The new industry for California is generating between $53 million and $104 million in annual sales taxes.  And for a state wallowing in debt, corruption and financial ineptitude, this injection of cash is just what they need.

I don’t understand the politics of it, and certainly if we haven’t learned
anything over the past century, it’s that Prohibition does not work,” added
State Sen. Mark Leno, who has worked to safeguard and regulate medical marijuana
in California.”

Is anyone thinking what I am thinking?  California is exactly like a street thug who has never bothered to finish high school and thinks college is a waste of his good time.  He gets frustrated at the lack of respect he receives, blames everyone else, gets angry and decides to take it out on someone.  He joins a gang.  Commits crimes.  Blemishes his record, all the while getting poorer and poorer.  Soon enough, he sees the drug trafficking business as a solution to all his woes.  Pretty soon, he has brand new $200 sneakers, gold & diamond bling, and a jacked up Chevy Tahoe.  It feels good.  Life is good.  And he will KILL to keep the easy money.

Liberalism & Progressivism lead to hell on earth, people.  We need to use our common sense that God gave us.  We all know that it is stupid and vastly unwise to legalize marijuana.  California’s example only provides concrete evidence to what we already knew.  Regular Americans need to be more confident in their own instincts.  Progressives will mock you mercilessly, but they are a teeny, tiny minority with enormous mouths.  They use our natural reluctance to fight and our desire for peace against us.  They use their PhDs and so-called credentials to brow beat us into thinking we are ‘behind the times’ or ‘uneducated’.  Stand firm, America.  Use your gut reaction.  These people are nuts.  Stand up and don’t let them turn our nice downtowns into haunts for druggies and crime.

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9 replies

  1. I think “great minds think alike!”

    I love it; let’s leave both posts up – too funny!

  2. “The pot shops have become brazen illegal drug operations where junkies can walk in as respected customers and purchase crack cocaine and other ‘hard’ drugs.”

    You are so full of crap it hurts my heart for your poor little insignificant closed mind. Have you ever meet anyone with cancer? Do you know what it feels like to throw up every thing you eat for six months to a year at a time. Everyday i help people just like that at the Collective that i work for and YES we are a Non-Profit i volunteer there 70 – 80 hours a week and “Junkies” are not welcome. We work very close to the rehab center next door to us in trying to get people help.

    Shasta County alone reported collecting 2.3 mill last year with all the new tax dollars from this booming industry you’d think the teachers would get a raise but… that’s the politicians.

    • I’m full of crap? Or do you mean the Associated Press news article is full of crap? Is it crap that the federal government agents have been investigating the pot shops that are nothing but fronts for illegal drug peddling? Is it crap that thousands upon thousands of pot shops have opened up across California? Is it crap that California is reaping millions in taxes from the pot trade? Is it crap that pot shops fronting as points for illegal drug sales is a bad thing?

      Just because you work for someplace that might not meet the criteria listed in the AP article doesn’t mean it represents the rest of the shops. As is evidenced by the reports from federal agents.

      I’m not sure exactly which part is crap!

      River, why don’t you attempt to target a specific part of my article that is actual crap so I can help you out. However, if you can’t actually address a part of my article that you want to talk about and if you can’t restrain from further name calling, you will be booted from my article comment section. One warning is all anyone gets.

      As for people who really need pot for pain management, no one would begrudge them a legitimate product- sold legitimately. The way California is doing it is a joke. And if you are living there and can’t see the problem yourself, then you are intentionally blind.

    • Are you honestly denying that completely healthy people – including potheads and junkies – walk into these “dispensaries” constantly and have their “prescriptions” filled? Seriously?

      Notwithstanding the pathetic fact that you (like all liberals) feel a need to attack Rebel personally; your silly comment makes an unfounded charge – then changes focus.

      Perhaps you were high as you typed. Poor little insignificant trashed mind.

  3. No doubt about it that people are abusing the medical marijuana laws that exist in certain states; however, I can bear witness to two situations here in Indiana where two very close friends of mine in excruciating pain from cancer (one pelvic, one spinal) found the best relief from their agony through smoking. One is dead, one is getting close. Not a pot fan myself. Tried it socially a few times and always told people I’m a waste of your money because I just cough my head off and don’t feel a thing. Would rather have a glass of wine.

    Never understood how pot is any more of a gateway drug than alcohol. I say legalize it and tax the hell out of it like alcohol and cigarettes.

    • Cheryl, I have deep sympathy for anyone who suffers from chronic pain. I suffer from it as well. I have nothing whatsoever against medical marijuana. But the WAY it is being sold leads directly to crime and addiction. It needs to be grown and dispensed by legitimate pharmaceutical companies like any other controlled substance- and prescribed via pain specialists. People in need can pick their prescription up at reputable drug stores like anything else and their insurance should cover it. Your attitude is just a little too breezy for me on such a serious topic. People need to be serious when it comes to drugs- we need to be careful as a people and think our way through the problems.

  4. I came across this blog while researching topics for my political science class. I think your post is well written although I do take a different political stance regarding marijuana than you. I know this isn’t a topic in this blog but I am curious what you position on alcohol is? I think your analogy on the relation of California to a “thug” is hilarious. Just a little out of touch. But then again I guess I am not a “regular American” even though I served this country proudly two tours in hostile areas one being Baghdad Iraq and am a combat wounded vet. Yeah you’re a little out of touch. I think Marijuana should be legal across the board and I believe it will within five years.

    • Anonymous, first & foremost, thank you for your service. I feel very sorry that you were wounded and pray that you are healing ok and getting on with your life. Now, to your points. I’m not sure how I am out of touch. Can you elucidate? Alcohol? Well, I think alcohol is ok when used in moderation. I don’t think the sale of alcohol is linked to the sale of ‘hard’ drugs like the sale of marijuana in CA is. When people buy alcohol, they may not also buy cocaine. They can do that in CA, as this report indicates. I like how alcohol (all but wine & champagne which is available anywhere) is sold here in WA. It is controlled by the state. I know, I know, a lot of people think the state should not be in the business of selling products. But in the case of alcohol, I think it is ok. Better than the alternative. I have lived in many places and have seen alcohol sold in different ways. In Florida, for example, mini-marts in strip malls can sell hard liqueur. The stores literally have bullet proof glass & jail bars. You get your booze in little sliding drawers! Boom boxes & punks hang around the outside. Here in WA, the liquor stores are clean as can be, very pleasant and safe. No bums, no teenagers outside.

      Drinking alcohol is not directly linked as a gateway drug to addictive drugs like marijuana is and so can be sold more freely. Every study done on pot shows not only the brain damage done to youths who partake, but to depression, loss of motivation & crime. A certain lifestyle surrounds pot which leads directly to school failure, school drop outs & career failure. Alcohol is not similarly linked.

      Can alcohol be abused? of course. But nothing like pot and hard drugs. It is just common sense.

      As for whether it will become legal in the next five years, we will see. I hope not- but with this administration in place, who knows?

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