Regular Readers of The Rat (R3) know he’s a prolific blogger. R3 also know that the Rat hasn’t posted for several days. So, what’s up? The Rat has been dealing with personal issues that have kept him away from his trusty computer – and his favorite passion of all – exposing the lunacy of liberalism – one post at at a time. 

As a result of these issues, following a few more stinging rebukes of that loony religion we call liberalism, the Rat will be taking a leave of absence from RAT & REBEL ARE RIGHT.

Blogging has been much more than a hobby for me; I have enjoyed watching readership reach new levels on a regular basis. Some of you know that I also write for Constitution Club and Red County, both of which have afforded me the opportunity to interact with some terrific talent, (among them, the Rebel). I have begun to build a following on REDSTATE as well. 

I’ve realized a great deal of satisfaction as I’ve watched my posts spread across the internet – from Forbes.com to the Times of India. I’ve also experienced tremendous enjoyment reading and responding to comments from those who have loved my posts, as well as those from the loons who have wished I would burst into flames. (I would have said “prayed” vs. “wished,” but precious few liberals participate in the silliness of faith in god – lower-case “g” intended.) I’m not sure which of these groups I’ve enjoyed the most. ;-)

Rat’s confident that you will continue to read and enjoy the Rebel – who often makes even the Rat appear docile. He invited her to join the blog – not only based on her philosophy, and positions on the issues – but on her conviction, and complete lack of fear to “call it like it is” as well.  

Thanks again for following RAT & REBEL ARE RIGHT. Rat appreciates your readership more than you know. He also trusts that you’ll be here when he returns. For now, he’ll take advantage of a few more opportunities (God knows there are plenty of them available on a daily basis) to get in a few more hefty jabs at the loons before he logs off – temporarily.

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  1. We will miss your musings. God Bless You and Yours, and we await your return.

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