by The Rat


I’m not sure whether this story would make a better dramatic, suspense-filled hour of intrigue, or a hilariously funny, slapstick comedy – but I’ll tell you what I do know; as much as I hate television, not only would I be glued to my TV to watch it; I’d DVR it as well. (for “future viewing pleasure.”) Oh, and don’t miss Leno or Letterman tonight; I’m sure they’ll be all over this one; as far as comedic material goes that pretty much writes itself, it doesn’t get any better than this.

“This story” being, as I’m sure you know by now – the theft of Captain Teleprompter’s teleprompter. Is that not the funniest thing you’ve heard in quite awhile? I mean , hell – Superman’s cape? His x-ray vision? putting a cryptonite necklace on him? No way – more like taking away Barney Fife’s bullet.

As I was writing this post, Fox News ran the story – but alas; apparently our self-anointed super hero swung by Teleprompters-r-Us and picked up a replacement. Fox didn’t actually say that el presidente found a replacement, but they did show him at today’s super-official presidential visit, (campaign rally) in all his pathetic, condescending glory, talking all presidential, (attacking and ridiculing Republicans, as usual) ‘splainin’ his “jobs bill” (tax increases), and doing that silly bobble-head-impersonation of a pretend president.

Alas, the fun was short-lived, but it was fun for awhile; one can only imagine the condition of Captain Teleprompter’s panties a nanosecond after he was given the devastating news.


Do you suppose he’s doing permanent damage to the vertebrae in his neck?

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  1. chuckle, chuckle! Is there no one around Obama with ovaries enough to tell the guy how stupid he looks with his nose in the air? Isn’t that what handlers are for?

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