by The Rebel


Ahhh, don’t you just love democracy? Winners live and losers get executed, right? Why? Because the majority of the people wanted it so! Isn’t that what Democracy is? Thank GOD we don’t have it in this country. Thank God above that the founding fathers had the wisdom to set up a Democratic Republic! And that thing, that precious thing- that Constitution! Honor it today, Americans, because it prevented this horror from happening on American soil. Barbarism. That is the Muslim way. Apparently.

Is this what we get for the billions we spent in Libya? A mass grave of over 300 people loyal to Gaddafi in Sirte? Many with their hands bound behind their back & executed in the head from behind? Aren’t you all so proud to be Americans today? Even the fools who continue to pretend that the United States didn’t do this have to pay attention now. Because they have to remember that England and France came begging us to ‘lend’ our ‘special assets’ to the Libyan effort or they would surely fail. Remember? “Special assets”, people, means our big, bad ass naval ships with big, bad ass guns. It means special launch pads & control centers for the drone attacks. It means our high tech air force planes & guided missles. It means boots on the ground (you know, Seal Team 6 sorts? The ones with the berets?) to gather intelligence on the whereabouts of Qadhafi. And remember how Obama didn’t bother to show up during the victory laps of Sarkozy & Cameron? Remember I was shocked that the United States did all the bombing & fighting, but England & France get all the credit from the new Libyan government? And now, with this new mass grave (to lend even more credence to the apparent assassination of Gaddafi), we see how Obama’s ‘little war’ (which he never even asked Congress or the American people to conduct) has turned out. The new Libyan government vows to make Sharia law the basis of all new laws in Libya, they publicly & brutally assassinated the old leader and proceeded to assassinate 300 political opponents in Sirte without any semblance of a trial. Free speech in Libya anyone? And we, the Great United States, have recognized them as ‘legitimate’ already, as have France & England. Anyone up for a celebratory toast?

Obama sure gets a cheap, fast war for 2012 now, doesn’t he? There will be no eight years of political infighting in Libya, will there? Because every polical opponent is DEAD- and we all know that dead people can’t vote, “no,” on anything. Obama has proven that he is no George Bush, that’s for sure! Mr. Teleprompter does things fast.

And yet, we will still have our not-so-crafty-after-all progressive fools to somehow say that it WASN’T the United States who did any of this. It was the International Community (does anyone know who the hell ‘they’ are? The definition of this group seems to change rather conveniently) who did it! It was the rebel soldiers who did it! You know, the ones who complained that Gaddafi was a cold-blooded murderer? THEY did it! We aren’t to blame! And Gaddafi was bad anyway, right? Right?

People. Think about this for a moment. All of Britain and all of France could not get rid of Gaddafi by themselves. The rebels, even with our ‘special assets’ couldn’t pin Gaddafi down (at least, not quick enough for 2012). And then the United States sent in our special ops team (mere weeks ago) and Wha-lah! Gaddafi is spotted and killed by the once-so-incompetent Libyan rebels. Such a coincidence! Wow! And THEN, when Gaddafi is found alive, but wounded and loaded into an ambulance, he somehow gets executed (again, behind the head) between the site and the hospital. And none of our special ops were there to see it! And then the rebels line up 300 people and murder them, dig a giant rectangular pit with bulldozers and there is not a special ops team member to see it. Hmmm. A mighty lapse for our incredibly well-trained strategic planners, politicians, military, intelligence officers & special ops teams? Or did the big wigs at Obama central somehow fail to remember that transitions of power are often violent & full of political retribution? Did they all just leave that part out when they met with the transitional council months ago? Did Mr. Can’t-Ever-Make-A-Mistake just slip up? Even when every other war-time president in U.S. history understood this? Incompetence? Really?

There is only one way to see this, Americans. Obama made a deal. We would supply the money, ‘special assets’, and special ops to take Gaddafi out ‘quickly’. Obama needed a stunning military ‘win’ for 2012, but also knew that ‘quick’ meant ‘illegal’. The Progressives wanted the Muslim Brotherhood in power as well. So, he allowed the French & British to ‘beg’ him to support this deal and he allowed them to take all public credit (ridiculous as it was) and then he allowed our soldiers & military to turn around and ‘let’ the rebel forces to do what they wanted to Gaddafi & his friends. And Obama KNEW that this meant assassination. And he knew that without those bothersome opponents around, a transitional government could be set up quickly. And he knew he would claim shocked innocence (but not incompetence) and ignorance. As we didn’t have boots on the ground, we didn’t ‘know’ this was going to happen! A slap on the wrist for Libya (maybe they will drum up a lowly captain to blame), shocked surprise from Britain & France and wha-lah! a quick transition of power for everyone. No hassles.

Cute, very cute.

Anyone who thinks our special ops just ‘ran away’ from the battle without orders to do so is a fool. Obama is the most powerful, conceited, arrogant & ambition man this world has ever seen and he would want to know everything beforehand. A man who needs a teleprompter in his irrational fear of making a mistake in public is not a man who fails to consider his self-interest at every angle. Remember, it took this president fourteen hours to decide to strike bin Laden when he had rock solid evidence of his whereabouts! He mulled every possible political outcome w/ his team of advisors before he gave the ‘go-ahead’. Obama is not a careless man. No.

In exchange, I have no doubt the new transitional government promised to be obedient to the United States (ha!). I’ll even bet that Obama didn’t make it too hard. He probably didn’t bother putting Israel on the table as part of the deal. In fact, he probably signaled that hostility toward Israel (a liberal progressive favorite) was just fine with him. He would stay neutral. I’m sure that made the Muslims very happy.

And guess what? Obama doesn’t even care if they ARE friendly to the United States. Because for him, a bloody Middle East is a good Middle East. This is what most Americans don’t realize- or refuse to consider. Scuttle the oil supply (both domestic & foreign) and make buddies like Gore & Pelosi & T.Boon Pickens rich from green energy. Everyone wins! (I want to see Obama’s stock portfolio!)

And now the door is open to the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya. As it is in Egypt. Bye-Bye Israel!

Who are the big winners here? Not the American people. Not Israel. Not the Libyans. The Progressives are the winners. As I have been writing about for months now, the Progressive agenda is nothing short of destroying the reliability of oil in the Middle East. A choice is coming, America. The new Arab Spring means one of two things: 1) The Muslim Brotherhood is hostile toward the United States, which makes the oil unreliable and green energy is shoved down our throat. Israel will be surrounded by a unified Muslim front who wants nothing more than their total destruction. OR 2) The Muslim Brotherhood is friendly to the United States, but still intent on Israel’s destruction (that is their mission statement online) which puts the United States in the position of choosing between Israel or oil. This leads to the exact same results as number 1).

Americans need to step back and see the bigger picture here. None of this is coincidence. There is a plan. And Libya is a major step forward for Progressives.

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2 replies

  1. So reb, the old “follow the money” question keeps popping up in my dome. Are the world bankers/thieves, like Soros making a ton of cash off of this? I say yes. And if the oil flow is disrupted, could it be an opportunity for us common folks to force the feds to tap our domestic resources?

    • Hi Hill Billy,

      ‘Lots of money’ just doesn’t do justice to the money that is at stake here. And it has zero to do with Libyan oil. What is at stake here is cornering the next wave of world energy. The progressives have all bought stock or plan to start companies (with our tax dollars of course) in green energy. But they also know that green energy is immature and expensive. They have no intention of waiting for green energy to mature naturally. They might die before that happens. There is still just too much cheap oil in the world for their comfort.

      They are manufacturing violence & turmoil in the Middle East so that they can accomplish two things:

      1) Make the case that the expensive green energy is better than the cost & uncertainty of war. They can force the tax payers to fund their startup companies (so they don’t have to lose any of their own pocket change) and then reap the vast rewards of owning the new technology.

      2) They can give Israel as a gift to the jealous Middle Eastern Arabs. This gives great political leverage to current politicians. With no military or strategic need for Israel (we no longer need ports & bases for use in defending our oil supply from the Middle East), we can throw them to the dogs. No more terrorism for America- the war on terror can be claimed to be won- and by Obama! Wow!

      Of course, the progressives know that we will still need oil during the transition from oil to green, right? That is exactly why Obama went to Brazil before he had a state visit with any of our other traditional allies in Japan and Europe. He kissed their butts and promised American technology & money to develop Brazilian oil supplies while swearing to get rid of America’s own domestic supplies.

      This is a huge boon for Soros (who co-owns Petrobras, the official Brazilian state oil company). With no Middle Eastern oil and no domestic oil (remember Obama’s bizarre statement that he wanted the United States to be Brazil’s best oil customer?), Brazilian Petrobras stands to make a killing supplying all of America’s oil. And then, when green energy is ready, the progressive elite will own the patents to all that technology and will become the richest tycoons that ever lived.

      Nice, huh?

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