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In 1998, as the Monica Lewinski scandal was playing out, Author Toni Morrison wrote a column for The New Yorker, in which she said of her hero, Bill Clinton: “White skin notwithstanding, this is our first black president. Blacker than any actual black person who could ever be elected in our children’s lifetime. (Little did she know how tragically wrong THAT prophecy would prove to be.) After all, Clinton displays almost every trope of blackness: single-parent household, born poor, working-class, saxophone-playing, McDonald’s-and-junk-food-loving boy from Arkansas.” (Hmm…she forgot “philandering”‘ and “lying under oath.”)

This brings us to America’s first actual black president: Barack Hussein Obama. The Jewish Daily Forward, (JDF), a newspaper published in New York City, puts together an annual list of the 50 most influential Jewish leaders – which it calls “The Forward 50.” This year, there’s a rather bizarre inclusion in the magazine’s list of prominent Jews: Barack Hussein Obama.

So, let’s catch up: Our first black president was a white womanizer from Arkansas. Our first Jewish president is a black man who thinks Israel’s “intransigence” is the main roadblock to peace with the Palestinians.  (And liberals can’t grasp why it is that we find it so difficult to understand them.)

“The Forward 50” includes Jews from a variety of sectors, and seeks to highlight their successes and influence in all areas of society. This brings us back to square one: Not only is Obama NOT a Jew – he does his best to force Israel into untenable positions – saying he believes that the next round of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks should begin with the premise of the pre-1967 War boundaries, for example. Then there’s that nasty little habit of sucking up and bowing to any and all Muslims at the drop of a yamaka. And you not only admire this guy – you name him to your “top 50 Jews of the year” list? Oy veh!

I must still be missing something; Barack Obama’s “contribution” to “the American Jewish story” this year has consisted of throwing Israel under the bus every chance he gets, incessantly patronizing Muslims whenever and wherever possible, and going out of his way to formally recognize every Islamic holiday on the calendar.

“I know what you’re thinking; ‘the president isn’t Jewish!’ Why was he selected?” said JDF editor, Jane Eisner. (a genuine Jew) Yep, Jane – that exactly what I’m thinking; how in the hell could you name Barack Obama to a list of influential Jews?

According to the magazine, “the 44th president of the United States has done more than any other non-Jew we can think of to shape the American Jewish story in 2011.”  Okay, I get it: Obama has done a helluva lot to “shape to American Jewish story,” but Hitler did his fair share to “shape the European Jewish story” during the second world war, did he not?

(Please don’t bother sending comments accusing me of comparing Obama to Hitler – that’s a liberal tactic. I am merely suggesting that events can be “shaped” positively – or negatively.)

Barack Obama may not be able to understand the difference between campaigning and governing – but dude sure has a knack for picking up accolades, huh? I wonder what the “trophy” looks like? A gold yamaka, perhaps? – Whatever it is, I’m sure it will be proudly displayed in the Obama Presidential Library someday – right next to his equally-deserved Nobel Peace Prize.


What’s next, the “world’s most beautiful women” list?

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