Lord Obama’s Delusional Hawaiian Press Conferrence


I did something last night I’ve never done before; I actually watched a Captain Teleprompter press conference from beginning to end. Normally, I either turn them off before they’re finished – or ignore them altogether – with Obama’s air of superiority and blatant political partisanship being to blame. As a result of sucking it up and watching the whole production, I feel quite confident in offering the following analysis this morning:

Barack Obama is completely detached from political reality; the man’s commitment to partisan politics is eclipsed only by his stupendous delusions of grandeur. This guy lives in a self-indulgent world that makes Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and Dorothy’s Land of Oz look like Andy Taylor’s Mayberry. Hell, Barney Fife thinks Obama’s an arrogant jackass. 

Pretty incisive, huh?

Anyway, Captain Teleprompters’ post-APEC Summit press conference Sunday evening was a piece of work; from questions on the state of Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, to the condition of the U.S. economy, Lord Obama’s disingenuous, rambling answers were incredible – some of them because they were delusional; others because they were ballsy – all of them because the guy truely seemed to believe all of the crap that was coming out of his mouth:

On Iran: Obama said he actually believes that sanctions against Iran have had “enormous bite.” Uh huh – proof being that Ahmadinejad and the mad mullahs are more defiant than ever? Or, maybe Israel’s announcement this weekend that the lunatics are closer to a nuclear bomb than previously thought?

Not to worry though, our worldly president assured the gathered press that he will continue to consult his ass off with Russia and China – whom he claims are on the “same page” with him. (Both countries warned Washington against fresh sanctions on Iran – two days ago.) The most amazing part? He says this nonsense with a straight face.

On Exports: The Fabricator-in-Chief repeated his claim that not only is the United States “on track to double exports” during his presidency, but that his Regime is somehow responsible for it. This is complete bull hockey of course; according to PolitiFact.com, the extrapolated increase in exports through 2011 is 29 percent. Hey, what’s a difference of 81 percent among lying liberals?

On the Economy: Of course Captain Class Warfare vowed to keep fighting the evil Republicans over his failed “jobs” (tax-increase) bill, claiming (as usual) the GOP’s “rigid positions” are to blame for the lack of an agreement on a deficit-reduction strategy. (“rigid,” as in the Democrats’ insistence that any deficit-reduction agreement must include tax increases.) Here’s a bit of classic ObamaLogic:

“It may take me all the way til November to get it all done. And it may take a new Congress to get it all done.” It may take a “new Congress” to get it all done? Um, here’s a news flash: there’s a whole bunch of people who think it will take a NEW PRESIDENT to “get it all done.” Dude still doesn’t get it:

“That’s why the American people are fed up with the Congress.” You do know that YOUR approval rating on YOUR handling of the economy reached a new record low this weekend, right? (34 percent)

Disingenuous in denial – or delusional? You make the call.



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