by The Rat


The Obama Regime’s next snub of Congress in its “We Can’t Wait” strategy will be the spending of $1 billion to bolster hiring in the already-hiring health-care sector. Confused? Don’t be; it makes perfect sense when “We Can’t Wait” is followed by “to do anything we can to help me get reelected!”

How brilliant (disingenuous) is it for el presidente to throw $1 billion of taxpayer money at “job creation” in one of the only sectors in the country that is already creating jobs? Hell, this is classic Obama:

Show up in the post-game locker room of the winning team; pretend you’re on the team; then take credit for scoring the winning touchdown.

After all, this is the same guy who said America shouldn’t “spike the football” following the killing of Osama bin Laden – only to take the I Killed Osama bin Laden Victory Tour to all “58” states in the union. (Or was it only  “57,” as was the case during the 2008 campaign?)

Sorry – I was having such a good time with that – got a bit sidetracked. Anyway, back to Captain Touchdown’s “We Can’t Wait” Hail Mary pass:

The Regime announced today that it will provide (all by it’s autocratic little self) $1 billion in funding to hire, train and deploy health-care workers to “bolster the economy.”

Understand, folks: Since Obama’s “jobs” (tax) bill died in Congress, this whole royal-edict thing is the only way Captain Bandwagon has a prayer of attaching his name to anything related to job growth prior to next year’s election.

Health-care employment has been growing steadily, with more than 300,000 jobs added in the past year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It has been one of the few bright spots in an economy with an unemployment rate that has consistently hovered around 9 percent. Total employment in the health care sector is expected to grow by an additional 3.2 million jobs by 2018 – more jobs than in any other sector. 

As is often the case with this disingenuous president and his actions, we are presented with another logic problem:

Knowing what we know from the above paragraph, is it safe to assume that the Obama Regime has access to the same data – and has the same ability to process the data that we do? (Yup.)

Then why would the Regime earmark $1 billion for “job growth” in an economic sector that least needs it? Again, Captain Touchdown must be able to march into that post-game locker room with all the testosterone an impostor can muster – and claim to have scored the winning points. It’s that simple. Grandes cojones, huh?


Does he really think the Obamanites are too stupid to see though this? Of course he does – he knows it.

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