by The Rat


Let’s begin with the bad part of the story, then move on to the really bad part of the story:

Under Michigan law, parents who care for their disabled adult children at home and receive Medicaid payments as a result are considered to be “home health-care givers,” and therefore classified as “public workers,” which means they automatically become union members – SEIU members, no less. Guess what else happens? SEIU receives a cut of the families’ Medicaid payments – as union dues. That’s right, folks; SEIU siphons union dues from disabled children’s Medicaid checks. Smells like forced unionization to the Rat.

Under the 2006 plan, which was initiated by Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm, SEIU receives a $30 cut every month from each of these families’ Medicaid checks. As a result, an estimated $6 million flows into SEIU coffers every year – the forced payment of union dues by parents who care for their disabled children. (The softer, gentler side of organized labor, eh?)

The Democratic governor had also classified in-home daycare providers as public employees – which forced them to pay union dues as well. Granholm’s successor, Republican Governor Rick Snyder ended the program, saying, “These providers are not state employees; we will cease collecting union dues from them.” 

Legislation to end the SEIU’s ability to collects dues from Medicaid recipients is currently stalled in the Michigan state senate. Get this one fixed as well, Governor Snyder.

Oh, and governor? That tall skinny guy black guy in the comfortable shoes who will be walking the picket line in front of the state capitol if you decide to do so? Never mind – he’s made that promise before, and never followed through on it. What a shock – Captain Campaign failing to follow through on a promise.


How ironic is that the Democrats try to scare people into believing Republicans want to reduce their Medicaid benefits while they take union dues from the Medicaid checks of disabled children?

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