by The Rat


It simply does not get any better than Barack Hussein Obama. I mean, the unmitigated gall of this guy is without equal; there has never been another human being in the history of mankind endowed with the amount of shameless audacity (chutzpah, to the Jews) that this self-aggrandizing braggart possesses. He is simply without equal.

I’ve often wondered if the Boy King is truly delusional – or just another lying politician from Chicago. Today’s vote goes to “truly delusional”; this narcissistic pretender-to-the-throne appears to actually believe the astonishing crap that spews from his mouth.

In a May speech, Palestinian-pal Obama called for Israel to begin Mideast peace talks with the 1967 borders as a starting point. This “suggestion” would hand half of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, Temple Mount, and the tomb of Jesus Christ to the Hamas-Fatah terrorist alliance. (Can you imagine Obama suggesting that the Muslims hand over the burial site of Muhammad to the Jews?)

This week, in yet another display of delusional arrogance that few men have the cojones to muster, B. Hussein told a group of Jewish donors in New York that he had done more for Israel than all of his predecessors combined. (Incredible, or what?)

“I try not to pat myself too much on the back, but this administration has done more for the security of the state of Israel than any previous administration,” said the Liar-in-Chief: “We don’t compromise when it comes to Israel’s security – and that will continue.”

(Translation: “I’m on track to get my ass handed to me in next year’s election, and if I lose the Jewish vote, I’m shtupped.”)

“I try not to pat myself too much on the back?” Seriously?

You mean except for your I-killed-Osama-bin-Laden Victory tour, your claim of credit for Boeing’s multi-billion dollar Indonesian deal, your claim of responsibility for “success in Iraq,” and all of your other hallucinatory visions of grandeur, right? Hell, you have your own “O” logo, dude. What’s next, “B” – the Beatles’ I Me Mine as your official 2012 campaign song? Give me a break.

The Boy King was busy sucking up to a group of wealthy New York campaign donors in a shameless effort to shore up support among Jewish voters for his 2012 re-election bid when he made his ridiculous declaration. He won nearly eight of every 10 Jewish voters in 2008, but a serious decline in 2012 would jeopardize his chance in battleground states like Florida and Pennsylvania.

I’m not sure which surprises me most – ongoing overwhelming Jewish support for Democratic presidential candidates, (particularly when they treat Israel as Obama has), or the Democrats’ uncanny ability to pander to disparate groups and hang onto their support – decade after decade.

Hell, at least they just lie to blacks and Hispanics.


Captain Teleprompter DESERVES to be shtupped in next year’s election; he’s shtupped America for three years.

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  1. This is priceless. You crack me up, although you never run out of material with this president.

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