The Obama Regime: Hard Facts And Inconvenient Truths


If it weren’t already “official,” it’s definitely official now: The Boy King declared in Kansas this week that his re-election fight will be all about income inequality. (Think about it, loons, “equal opportunity” and “income equality” are not mutually-inclusive terms.) According to a fact check by the Washington Post, it’s also going to be a fight against hard facts and inconvenient truths. True to form, Lord Obama lashed out at Republicans and George Bush for economic conditions that have mainly come during his own “stewardship” of the economy:

  • Obama’s claim of the “slowest job-growth”includes the loss of jobs under his reign. The Regime provided as “evidence” a report on a New York Times blog that was based on gross domestic product data through 2010, or the first two years of the Obama Regime.
  • The Regime also cited a Center on American Progress report on job growth through 2007, which showed monthly job-growth of 68,000 during the Bush business-cycle. Guess what? Job-growth under Obama — just 40,500 a month – is far worse, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Is it just me, or is it hysterical that the Boy King continues to blame poor job-growth on the “Bush tax cuts,” especially after Captain Teleprompter himself ram-roaded his disingenuous $1 trillion “stimulus” package through Congress? Think about it: The rate cuts took place in 2001 and 2003 – and have remained in place ever since. If they damaged job-creation, then we wouldn’t have seen the explosive job-growth we saw in 2004-2006, right? (The economy added over 6 million jobs during that period.)

Even more pathetic? Captain Buck Passer blames the “Bush tax-cuts” for “massive deficits.” Check out this report from the Congressional Budget Office. The data clearly shows that the number one contributor to the disappearance of projected surpluses was increased spending – which accounted for 36.5% of the decline in the nation’s fiscal position. The “Bush tax cuts” were responsible for just 24%. (Bring it, loons – I’m waiting for you.)

As I’ve said in the past, this is WAY over the heads of the loony “less-than-informed,” (not to mention the sock puppets of the Obama Media Group and the Hollywood “elite.”) but DAMN – Mr. Liar-in-Chief, have you no shame? (NO.)

P.S. – The last Republican budget – FY-2007 – spent $2.77 trillion. Democrats took control of Congress and raised annual spending levels in just three years by over a trillion dollars, while tax receipts declined due to the recession.  Additionally, the Boy King pushed through an $800 billion “stimulus” plan that supposedly was going to restart job creation.  Blaming George Bush for deficits in 2009, 2010, and 2011 isn’t just wrong – it’s a self-serving lie. The hell of it is, he knows it.


There’s nothing quite like smug arrogance.

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10 replies

  1. Yo Rat;

    Call me jaded, but we are in for a disaster. I see Newt as an operative for the RINOs and Dems. I do not believe that he is is TEA PARTY/Conservative voice. For gosh sakes, he made the commercial with Pelosi about how man-made global warming was real.

    Look at how Cain was treated? Not one black organization came to his defense! And Cain could have been called out on his relationship with the Federal Reserve. Cain was a magnet for the TEA Party vote. Now Newt is trying to take it over. I am sorry to say, but in my opinion, Conservative Christian America is screwed.

  2. Rat, I will post from dr. Savages’ “Political Zoo” book. There are some pretty interesting takes on Newt. I think Newt does a bang up job when he speaks of conservative principles and such, but I don’t fully trust him. I do hope I am wrong, believe me, but after seein GWB go to the left, my trust meter has to be read using a submarine!

    • At this point it’s bit of what I like to call a “tallest midget” scenario. Newt is certainly not the ultimate candidate, in my mind, but compared to the others – I’d take him. I’m not sure he’ll survive the pending onslaught however, and given his propensity to never leave a thought unspoken, he still has more than enough time to lose it all by himself.

  3. What is so bad about Mitt? I’m serious, I am very conservative. I don’t like any of them either, except Ron Paul, who is not electable. Why is Mitt any worse than any of the rest?

    • Hey Cathy, it’s not that I think there is anything “so bad” about Mitt – I’m just not sure he’s truly committed to much of anything. While politicians’ (and people’s in general) views are subject to change over time, it is curious to me how he could be so pro-“choice” at one point in his life and so pro-life now. He has just flipped on too many issues in my opinion.

      He also comes across as wanting to be president mostly for the purpose of adding the ultimate job to his legacy.

      I could be wrong, ;-), it’s just my gut.

  4. I do think Romney is a good family man. I just happen to believe he is also a good old boy repub, who is not truly conservative. I want to see a candidate who has been consistant in their views for a long period of time. Like him or not, Ron Paul has that. I am a big Alan Keyes guy, but we have seen how conservative blacks are treated by the left and the media.

    • I think I agree with everything you say – with a caveat to Ron Paul; yes, he has been consistent, but a guy who believes it’s just swell for Iran to have nuclear weapons because “we have them too” scares the hell out of the Rat. I LOVE Alan Keyes, but to your point, a black conservative (not to mention an attractive conservative woman) will be treated horrendously by the sock puppets of the Obama Media Group – thus (perhaps) giving serious pause to future hopefuls.

  5. Rat – you have a good reason to have a worry in your gut. Your field of candidates is a nightmare scenario for you. Get ready for the 2nd term of Obama. It’s coming like a hurticane and you cannot stop it.

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