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In a December 2 article entitled Obama to NY Jews: ‘I try not to pat myself on the back too much, but…, the Rat wrote about Barack “No-one-has-suffered-more-than-the-Palestinians” Obama’s ridiculous boast that “this administration has done more for the security of the state of Israel than any previous administration” as yet another example of how far removed from reality this delusional hypocrite is. (Think about it before you attack, loons: He either lied – or he incredulously believes what he said.)

Apparently the Republican Jewish Coalition – RJC -agrees with the Rat.

A majority of attendees of the recent RJC conference in Washington, D.C. have not bought into Captain Palestine’s disingenuously arrogant claims of undying support of the Jewish state – not by a long shot. Accuracy in Media’s Benjamin Johnson interviewed multiple attendees of the conference; unfortunately for the Boy King, they didn’t seem to have much good to say about him:

“Barack Obama is an absolute train wreck.”

“I think President Obama threw Israel under the bus — long ago. Not just recently.”

“I think that he’s a con man.”

“He’s certainly no friend to Israel.”

“I don‘t see him doing anything that’s going to make the world a safer place.”

“For an American president to tell Israel what it’s borders should be, is really incomprehensible.”

“Certainly, he’s up there with Jimmy Carter.”

Nope, folks – the liberal Jewish Daily Forward may have included our pro-Muslim president in its list of “most influential Jewish leaders,” (seriously), but it doesn’t appear that Meshugana Obama will be receiving an award from the RJC anytime soon.

I’m fully aware that these are Republican Jews, vs. the lemming-like liberal Jewish establishment, which (for some unknown reason) votes overwhelmingly Democratic year-after-year, but consider this:

In 2008, B. Hussein captured 78% of the Jewish American vote; the Meshugana-in Chief’s latest approval rating among Jewish Americans now stands under 45%. After humiliating Bibi Netanyahu, bowing and sucking up to every Muslim he can find, and suggesting that Israel begin its next round of peace talks with the Palestinians, Hezbollah and Hamas with a retreat to the 1967 borders, it’s incredible that one of “Americas’s most influential ‘Jewish’ leaders” has any Jewish support at all.

Maybe his latest “It’s Time to Suck up to the Jews” campaign will pay off. Hell, it’s worked for Democrats with blacks for over 50 years.


Who could possibly question the mentschlekhkeyt of Barack Hussein Obama? After all, he said during the 2008 campaign: “No one is suffering more than the Palestinian people.” 

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  1. I will never understand the mindset of a Liberal Jew.

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