by The Rat


I’m sure most of you have heard by now that Lord Obama recently told Steve Kroft of 60 Minutes that he considered himself to be the fourth best president in history of the Union. Realizing the arrogance of the Boy King’s delusional self-aggrandizement, the Obama water-carriers at CBS dutifully edited Captain Teleprompter’s preposterous claim from the interview prior to airing. (Can you imagine them having done so were a Republican president to have made a similar claim?)

“Hell yes, we’ve been successful, Steve, are you kidding me? The Big O Regime has accomplished more in three years than that of any supreme leader in the history of the galaxy – probably the universe, or whatever’s bigger.

I mean, damn, with the possible exceptions of Lincoln – who was handed the Civil War to politicize, FDR – who was lucky enough to have the Great Depression to use against Wall Street and the banks, and of course LBJ – I mean, who couldn’t exploit the death of JFK? – I’m your king – er, man, dude.

Stop and think about my accomplishments, Steve:

America has the lowest consumer confidence level in 30 years.

Our credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in history.

Federal spending, the budget deficit and the national debt are at their highest levels – as a percentage of GDP – since WWII.

Black unemployment is at its highest level in 28 years.

I have the worst jobs record of any modern president.

One in six Americans lives below the poverty level – 46 million to be exact – which is the highest number since the Census began tracking poverty in 1959.

Think about it; there are more Americans on food stamps that at any time in history. Incredible, huh?

I’ve kept the unemployment rate above 8 % for 34 consecutive months – with no end in sight. 

Chronic unemployment is worse under my Regime than it was during the Great Depression. Do you realize how much golf it takes to make that happen?

Hell, Steve – the misery index is at a 28-year high. Jimmy Carter is even jealous. Herbert Hoover? Forget about it.

On top of that, I’ve been to nearly 57 states to tell the American people how awesome I am – not to mention that I killed Osama bin Laden. Has anyone ever been awesomer, Steve? Seriously?

Can you imagine what I would have been able to accomplish without the U.S. Constitution, Supreme Court, Republican Congress, and Fox News?

Hopefully, we’ll be able to get around all of them during my next term.”

Come to think of it, I’m probably the most awesomest awesome president ever, Steve. Awesome!


Say what you want about Dude, but delusional self-aggrandizement has never found a better home.

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