Three Pillars Of Foreign Policy, Obama-Style: Appease, Abandon, Apologize


As Lord Obama jetted off to Hawaii on his $4 million vacation, I couldn’t help but think about his incredulous claim of being the fourth greatest president in the history of America.

This guy has never even understood the difference between campaigning and governing, let alone accomplished anything of magnitude for the good of the country. ObamaCare? Excessive government regulation? His $1 trillion “stimulus” package? Give me a break.

If the Boy King truly considers himself to be among the greatest presidents who ever lived, why is his perpetual dog-and-pony show never about anything he believes (even delusionally) that he has accomplished and always about everything wrong with Republicans?

During the 2008 campaign, Obama told us George Bush had embarrassed America in the eyes of the world. He told us President Bush’s “arrogance” had alienated our allies and hardened our adversaries; he told us that respect and dialogue – Obama style – would right all that ailed the world. How’s that worked out so far?

In reality, the Obama Doctrine may be easily summed up as the “3 A’s” – Appease, Abandon, Apologize.

Wounded by the knowledge that much of the world views him as a weak, ineffectual president who chooses to let others lead, (France’s Sarkozy and England’s Cameron, for example), Obama loves to hang his faux-macho crown hat on the killing of Osama bin Laden. There’s just one problem: the bin Laden raid was not “foreign policy.” No one with credibility suggested negotiations or concessions as it related to bin Laden.

Sure, Obama demonstrated decisiveness, and he deserves credit for ordering the raid and taking the political risk, but forgoing a non-option says nothing about the soundness (or existance) of one’s foreign policy. That only comes into play when there are choices to be made and strategies to be implemented.

This brings us to Obama’s appeasement of Russia. The Regime promised to “reset” relations with Russia, which Obama claimed had been dangerously eroded during the Bush Presidency.

Truth be told, Bush’s treatment of Russia was based on several harsh realities: the Kremlin’s systematic dismantling of democracy; its brutal aggression against Georgia; its drive to reestablish Russian dominance over former Soviet states, and its support – from Syria to Venezuela – of the world’s most anti-American regimes.

Undeterred by reality, Obama naively went about his “reset.” His signature decision was the abrupt cancellation of a Polish- and Czech-based U.S. missile defense system strongly opposed by Moscow. (Russia:1, America’s Allies: 0)

The cancellation deeply undercut the two very pro-American countries, both of whom had aligned themselves with Washington in the face Russian threats. Obama abandoned Poland and Czechoslovakia; he left them twisting in the wind – and the bad guys were watching.

Obama’s “engagement” with Iran hasn’t worked out too well either. He began his World Apology Tour by apologetically acknowledging U.S. involvement in a coup that happened more than 50 years ago. He then offered the radical ayatollahs bilateral negotiations that, predictably, failed miserably. Most damaging, he adopted a policy of neutrality during the popular Tehran uprising of 2009. What confidence would those brave Iranians who would rise up again have in this president in the future?

This was quite a feat, even by Obama’s standards: He appeased and abandoned – simultaneously – all in the same country. (Ahmadinejad and the ayatollahs: 1, Iranian freedom-fighters: 0)

The consequences? Iran ignores Obama’s hollow threats of more sanctions and “consultations with other countries” as it continues headlong toward its acquisition of of nuclear weapons. When a sophisticated drone goes down in Iran and Obama asks “pretty please with sugar” for its return, Ahmadinejad ridicules him for wanting his “toy plane” back. (not unlike the treatment the Boy King received from Pakistan when he “demanded” the return of the super-secret helicopter left behind during the bin Laden raid.)

Such is America’s relationship with Iran after three years of the Obama Regime.

Then of course, there’s Israel: No American president in the history of the Jewish state has treated it with more disrespect, nor attempted to humiliate its Prime Minister more often than has Barack Hussein Obama. From AIPAC to ex-New York mayor Ed Koch, Jewish Americans have expressed outrage over the Boy King’s shameful treatment of Israel on a regular basis.

Obama has pandered to the Palestinians – as he has pandered to all-things Muslim – from the time of his arrival on the national stage. His “Nobody has suffered more than the Palestinians” tack exposed the Boy King as someone of whom Israel should be weary. His suggestion that Israeli/Palestinian “peace talks” begin with the premise of a return to the 1967 borders confirmed the legitimacy of Israeli distrust. (Palestinians: 1, Israel: 0)

His shameful treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu only adds pathetic icing to the equally-pathetic cake – with Obama’s latest outrage being his recent comment to Nicolas Sarkozy: “You’re fed up with him? I have to deal with him every day.” These are not the words of any American President, Mr. Obama – let alone the “fourth best president in history.”

History will judge Barack Hussein Obama. Hopefully, Israel will still be around to witness that judgement.


Damn, I forgot about Egypt, Libya, Syria, Venezuela and North Korea.

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  1. Obama figured that the Bin Laden killing was so good for his popularity that I’ll bet he has a committee trying to figure out how he can take credit for Kim Jong-il. The only demise that he is truly solely responsible for is his own presidency.

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