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In the unlikely event you’re unfamiliar with “The Great One,” Mark Levin, perhaps his response to the Boy King’s laughable claim of “streamlining government agencies to make the system more efficient and helpful for small businesses,” will bring you up to speed:

“You’re not a business owner, you’ve never been a business owner; you don’t give a damn about business owners and we know what your ideology is; we’ve had three years of your crap: You’re power hungry.

“You look at the Red Chinese system – you’ve all but said so – and you slobber over it.  You wish you could have a system of that sort so you could get your quote-unquote ‘things done for the people.’

The entire purpose of the Constitution was to prevent a man like this from doing what he wants to do.”

Still not quite sure where Mark rests on the political spectrum? (I’m kidding.) Let’s revisit what he had to say about the Occupy Wall Street Loons:

“You know, many of them are what I call malcontents. They’re ‘victims.’ They think they are. They don’t look inside. They don’t analyze their own lives. They don’t take responsibility for their own situations. They don’t know how because they refuse to look beyond their own situations.

They don’t know how to prosper in the freest, most generous, most benevolent society ever established on the face of the earth. And so they feel the rest of us shouldn’t survive or can’t survive in a similar society. They’re the malcontents. They’re what I call ‘the drones,’ what DeToqueville referred to as – my phrase – these drone-like characteristics where more and more of them surrender their independence, their human sensibilities to the state.”

The constitutional lawyer, best-selling author and host of The Mark Levin Show pulls no punches in his opposition to liberalism and the destructive forces of “progressivism” in America. Likewise, he’s not bashful in his defense of the U.S. Constitution, individual liberty and American Exceptionalism.

Levin’s new book, Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America, brilliantly skewers Statism and the Left’s never-ending assault on the very ideals on which America was founded. Here’s a bit of classic Levin on the subject:

The Left calls Mark Levin a right-wing extremist. I call him an American – an American who has the courage to stand up and defend the U.S. Constitution and individual liberty – without regard to opposition from either side of the aisle. An American whose unabashed defense of “the shining city on the hill” would make Ronald Reagan proud.

We may have lost Ronald Reagan, but we do have the wisdom of Mark Levin. Republicans would do well to heed his words and follow his lead.


Bring on the Statists!


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