Catholic Church On Contraceptive Mandate: ‘We Will Not Comply’

Let’s begin with two disclaimers: I am neither a Catholic, nor about to make an argument against – or in favor of  – birth control; I am going to comment on the Obama Regime’s selective intrusion into the morals and beliefs of (Christian) religion.

The Catholic Church’s ongoing battle with the Regime over Obamacare’s contraception healthcare mandate has been in the news for some time; U.S. Bishops are furious over what they call the “literally unconscionable” decision by the Obama Regime which requires that contraception be included in virtually all health plans provided by religious-affiliated institutions to their employees. Before we go any further, ponder this question:

Can you imagine Barack Hussein Obama mandating ANYTHING to Muslims?

The Church’s clash with the Regime focuses on a Health and Human Services Department mandate that employers must include contraception and abortion-inducing drugs in healthcare coverage. While this requirement doesn’t apply to houses of worship, it will force Catholic colleges, hospitals and other Christian groups to provide these drugs and procedures despite their faith-based opposition.

While many of the affected organizations are not churches, their religious beliefs stand in faith-based conflict with the provision of medications and procedures that would terminate the life of an unborn child. In a laughable “concession,” the Regime recently announced that it would give church-affiliated hospitals and organizations “another year” before they will be forced to comply with the mandate.

“In effect, the president is saying we have a year to figure out how to violate our consciences,” said Cardinal-designate Timothy M. Dolan, archbishop of New York.

This weekend, Catholic churches across America read a letter to their congregations from church leaders detailing  Catholicism’s opposition to the Regime’s moral intrusion into their faith. In the letter, Bishops highlighted what they called “an alarming and serious matter,” that has “dealt a heavy blow” to America’s Catholics.

The Bishops went on to say that “the Church cannot – we will not -comply with this unjust law, as it violates the Catholic conscience.” Additionally, the Church says that it is faced with a difficult decision – either comply and violate its faith or drop coverage for employees and suffer the consequences.

Catholic haters: Trolling and thread-jacking will not be tolerated. Save your attacks on other issues surrounding the Catholic church for a relevant article.


We’ve certainly moved the ball from legalizing the murder of unborn children  – to mandating it, haven’t we?

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  1. If someone is opposed to a church’s creed why would they work for that church? Obama is harrassing not only our way of life but our fundamental beliefs and laws. Muslims woulnt tolerate his intrusion if they were the object of his sick attacks. Impeach obama.

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