by The Rat


Let’s begin with a question for all the Kool-Aid-drinking proletariat of the Obama Regime:

Are you familiar with Agent Provocateur(No) Let’s pretend you are familiar with it; have you ever shopped there? (No) Given that you’ve never heard of it, what do you think the chances are that you could afford to shop there? (Zero.) Finally, what do you think the chances are that your Boy King’s Queen recently spent a lot of money there? (100%)

Agent Provocateur is a store that claims to sell “the most erotic lingerie in the world.” While the claim may be debatable,  a couple of facts may not: It is a very exclusive (extremely expensive) women’s lingerie shop – and Michelle Obama – “the people’s first lady,” is rumored to have spent $50K there – in one shopping spree.

Normally, I’m of the belief that “people’s money is people’s money,” and that said people are entitled (Where have I heard that word before?) to spend it as they wish. However, when the very “people” who obsessively (and disingenuously) work to divide the haves and the (supposed) have nots continue to go on luxury vacations and spend lavishly, I draw the line:

Does the hypocritical self-indulgence of the Obamas know no bounds? 

According to The Telegraph, Mishy Obama – along with fellow-queen, (of Qatar), Sheikha Mozah – closed off part of Madison Avenue to spend big-time bucks in the luxury lingerie shop.

The normally-secretive Agent Provocateur, which offers handmade lace corsets that sell for $1,500 and more, admitted that the store recently had an “unexpected famous name” shopper who provided an “unanticipated lift” in sales.

Isn’t it wonderful that our Mishy can hang out with other royalty – even if it’s only the Queen of Qatar?


I wonder if Barack wears Zimmerli Sea Island briefs?


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2 replies

  1. Agent Provocatoreur? Bet I can’t buy my over-alls and a 12-pack of beer there?

  2. Have to be damn expensive beer. Designer overalls, too.

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