Iowa High School Teacher’s Cold War Lesson: Communism Rocks!


Students at Des Moines, Iowa’s Roosevelt High School have been learning about the Cold War this semester. Having been somewhat of a student of the Soviet Union, I found myself a bit confused when I ran across the above illustration – which was included in a flyer distributed by the school as part of its effort to  indoctrinate educate said students.

Let’s take a close look at the (poorly-drawn) cartoon and see if we can figure out what it’s trying to portray:

The CAPITALISM side of the flyer depicts workers in ragged clothing, with balls and chains around their ankles, presumably working their butts off so that the rich, well-dressed, cigar-smoking boss on the other side of the machine can simply stand there and collect the fruits of their labor. Fat cat bastard.

On the COMMUNISM side, there is no boss; the well-dressed workers are smiling their butts off – sans balls and chains, while all of the money falls at their feet. Blissful workers.

Huh. I don’t remember the Soviet Union working that way. As a matter of fact, I’d wager a substantial bet that the Soviet Union doesn’t remember itself working that way either.

The curious piece of revisionist history was discovered by Simon Conway of Iowa’s Who Radio, who read from the flyer on his radio program:

“Communism stands for equal sharing of the work according to the benefits and ability. But in Capitalism an individual is responsible for his works and if he wants to raise the ladder, he has to work hard.”

“While the profit of any enterprise is equally shared by all in Communism, the profit in the Capitalist structure belongs to the private owner only.”

Setting aside the comically awkward wording and incorrect definitions in this ridiculous flyer, its message is clear: Public schools across America are teaching our children this kind of crap every day, folks.

Whether it’s communism vs. capitalism, “progressivism” vs. conservatism, revisionist history of racism in America, or the successes and failures of our presidents, liberalism’s insidious seepage into the minds of our youth continues.

The principal is Kathie Danielson. Phone is (515) 242-7272: if you’re inclined, give her a ring to find out what the hell’s going on at Roosevelt High School.


Maybe Conway confused this flyer with an old USSR propaganda piece.

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  1. Of course the public schools will find ways to teach the communism is superior. That is their mindset and that is the concept they are trying to put across to our kids. Please check out for several articles on the origins and current practices of the public school system. When Karl Marx advocated “free education for all children in public schools” he knew exactly what he was doing, and the Unitarians and socialists in this country that founded public schools went right along with it. Their agenda was basically Marx’s agenda.

  2. If you want an in depth look at how public education operated in West Virginia during the textbook protest there in the mid-1970s check out a book called “Protester Voices–the 1974 Textbook Tea Party” written by Karl Priest. You can get it on or order it directly from Mr. Priest for $19.05 by writing to him at 141 Karmel Lane, Poca, West Virginia 25159.


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