The Regime Attempts To Sabotage An Israeli Strike On Iran


If it weren’t already the case, Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli people must be thinking this morning, “With friends like the Obama Regime, who needs enemies?” Mr. Obama’s condescending treatment of the Israeli Prime Minister is well-documented, as is his propensity to throw the Jewish nation under the Palestinian bus at every opportunity.

But the Regime ratcheted up it efforts to sabotage America’s only loyal ally in the Mideast this week when Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said publicly that he believes there is a “strong likelihood” that Tel Aviv will launch an attack on Iran in an attempt to disable its nuclear program – this April, May or June. Good job, Leon – you jackass.

While Panetta would not comment on the published report that he fears Israel has decided to launch the offensive, he did say, ”Israel has indicated they are considering this, and we have indicated our concerns.”

So what was the Secretary up to? It hardly seems feasible that he was informing the world on a need-to-know basis, huh? I’m kidding. Perhaps it was mental lapse? Not a chance. Or maybe an attempt to frighten Iran into abandoning its pursuit of nuclear weapons? Nope. An effort to sabotage Israel’s plan by making it public? Precisely.

Should we be shocked that Panetta would go public with such an assessment? Of course not – the Obama official’s anti-Israeli bias is well-documented:

In October of 2011, Panetta said that Israel was becoming increasingly isolated in the Middle East: “Is it enough to maintain a military edge if you’re isolating yourself in the diplomatic arena?”

The Defense Secretary added that it was Israel’s responsibility to “reach out and mend fences with Egypt. (and Turkey as well) Obviously, Panetta continued to ignore the increasing threats against the Jewish nation from the post-revolution Egypt.

Continuing in his effort to put the onus solely on Israel to make peace in the Middle East, Panetta chided the Jewish state in December: “Get to the damn table – just get to the damn table.”

Yes, America – Leon Panetta is a good foot soldier in the Regime’s not-so clandestine war against Israel. Obama’s relentless desire to diminish the Jewish state as he lifts up its Arab neighbors is clear for all to see.

That he is an American president doing so is a tragedy for the ages.


Ol’ George Santayana was a smart guy, wasn’t he?

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3 replies

  1. Obama puts USA first, it might seem strange to you, I know you prefer a President that puts Israel before the USA.

    • Obama puts PALESTINE first. It wasn’t enough for him to treat Netanyahu with total disrespect – and throw Israel under the bus by suggesting that new peace talks begin with the 1967 borders as a starting point. Nope, how he’s divulging Israeli military intentions. Everyone sees his bias. Hell – your brethren love it.

      You don’t know bull hockey about what I want, now do you? I bet you know what your president wants though: O wants to remake America into a model of the failed states of Europe.

      Nice try. Thanks for playing.

  2. Obama hates America & Israel. He’s not too discreet about it anymore. He’s destroying the country deliberately, with the help of his puppet masters under everyone’s nose. Good God. Wake up America!

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