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The Shrews of The View went into hysterical meltdown Wednesday over the decision by a Texas judge to uphold a law requiring that women view an ultrasound before having an abortion. Co-host and supposed-journalist Barbara Walters found the legal ruling – and not the act of abortion itself – to be “heartbreaking.”

Poor Baba Wawa. So traumatized over the “heartbreaking guilt” visited upon a mother by forcing her to view the child whose life she is about to silence forever. Do you suppose Baba would oppose a law which would make it mandatory that murderers watch vacation videos of their soon-to-be victims right before they kill them?

Wawa lectured lone token-conservative Elisabeth Hasselbeck: “To have to go and be forced to hear, to see the fetus, to hear the heartbeat, to put more guilt on you, I think is heartbreaking.”

Let’s make sure we understand Wawa’s point: The avoidance of guilt and heartbreak in a mother about to end the life of her unborn baby should take precedence over making every effort to ensure that mother fully realizes what she is about to do. This is a classic example of the flawed logic of liberalism.

Think about it; the life of the liberal is damn hard, America. There is so much reality – so many facts – so much evidence – that the liberal must choose to  ignore. Unpleasant things must be renamed in an effort to sanitize them and make them sound acceptable – even preferable: Pro-abortion is pro-“choice.” A fetus is a “viable cell-mass.” Late-term, or partial-birth abortion becomes “intact dilation and extraction.” And when the argument of when life begins is lost to public opinion, words like “personhood” must be invented.

Logic must be turned upside down in the mind of the liberal: More compassion must be shown over the fate of trees, snail darters and waterboarded terrorists than that shown for America’s unborn children.

And of course, everything would be fine in the fantasy world of Liberal Utopia if those evil conservatives would just shut the hell up and stop preaching their morals – and shilling for large corporations, the rich, and right-wing Christians.

Back to the Shrews of The View. The empty-headed Joy Behar chimed in with this predictably-idiotic comment: “It’s very totalitarian in my opinion. I mean, it smacks of forcing somebody to confront something that they have already decided they don’t want to deal with.”

Setting aside this left-wing jackass’s ridiculously-flawed “logic” against “forcing somebody to confront something that they have already decided they don’t want to deal with,” I wonder if anyone bothered to inform the moronic Behar that in many Communist and dictatorial countries, women are actually forced to have abortions? As if that would cause the burned-out light bulb in her head to come on.

Abortion is a difficult issue. Is the fetus a person with rights? Does the woman have ethical obligations to the fetus? To the father? Does abortion treat the fetus in an unethical way? Is it ethical to force a woman to carry an unwanted child to term? What should be the determining factor(s) when political and religious arguments over abortion collide?

Questions without easy answers. What is easy to see – is the hypocrisy of those who have more compassion for terrorists than unborn children. 


Isn’t it ironic when liberals call our military “baby killers”?


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5 replies

  1. Liberals are aways in support of the “death” side of a life issue.

  2. I don’t think this is black and white on either side of the political fence. This might surprise you, but the liberal friends I’m close to detest the idea of anyone using abortion as a form of birth control. I sure do! I also personally know conservatives who have had their minor daughters get abortions.

    It’s too easy to get many different forms of good birth control. If you are going to be sexually active, you should be pro-active and use protection. I think we need to educate our sons to be as equally responsible for using birth control. Geez, we all hope our kids won’t have sex as teens and hope abstinence is their choice (unfortunately, not reality for many), but also look at how people are waiting longer & longer to get married. I believe it’s inching closer to 30 now. We can’t expect folks in their 20’s to not have sex.

    Until we hold our young men to be more accountable, it’s going to be hard to see a drop in unwanted pregnancies. I always told Andrew, “If you get someone pregnant, not only are you going to be financially responsible, but I will personally see to it that you take care of the baby 50% of the time.”

    I also have to give a plug to Planned Parenthood. Abortion is such a slim % of what they do – 3% or less, right? I used to go to them for annual exams and birth control in my 20’s after Walt and I were first married and didn’t have health insurance yet. You paid on a sliding scale, and I swear I got more thorough annual exams than my currrent OB GYN gives, and certainly my current family doctor. The nurses their were incredible. They are not an abortion factory, and the protestors who picket are so foolish to yell and scream at EVERY woman who walks in.

    Anyway – just chiming in to say not all liberals or conservatives are extremists. As far as the Texas law, I’d have to say it’s a bad idea to make all women view this because there are going to sometimes be extenuating circumstances in regards to the women’s health, rape, incest, and on and on. Also, require the biological father to watch it too if it’s going to be a law! Maybe he’d think twice about keeping his pants zipped up or make sure birth control is being used.

  3. You and I have had this discussion before, and if you recall, there’s a lot on which we agree. However, this post was more about the hypocrisy of many on the left as I wrote in the article.

    As for the Texas law, I do agree with it – particularly in the case of minors; I know several women who had abortions when they were very young who say they didn’t really realize what they were doing until it was too late. Tough issue, but I’d rather air on the side of “thoroughness.”

    We’re also in agreement as it relates to the services – sans abortion – available to those women who find themselves in need of Planned Parenthood. Having said that, they are far and away the largest abortion provider in the country. Their claim that they also counsel those who seek abortions on adoption is laughable; look at the statistics relative to their adoption referrals vs. abortions. They also claim that they don’t use government funds for abortion; this is little more than a shell game.

    I’m with you on that zipper thing as well!

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