Bibi and Barack. Sitting in the Oval Office before the world. Bibi Speaks. The look on Obama’s face is that of a man in desperate need of Pepto Bismol.

It’s absolutely hysterical. Barack Obama hates Benjamin Netanyahu. You can see it in his eyes. You can see it in the disgust on his face. You can see it in his body language. The mad Jew from Jerusalem irritates the crap out of the community organizer from Chicago.

It doesn’t get any better than Benjamin Netanyahu vs. Barack Obama. One of them is a strong principled leader who possesses the certitude and moral courage to stand up to the enemies of his country – at all costs – regardless of domestic politics or world opinion.

The other one is Barack Hussein Obama.

Obama “welcomed” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the Oval Office Monday by assuring him that the United States “will always have Israel’s back” when it comes to security. After the doors were closed to the press, there’s a better than even chance that all hell broke loose.

O undoubtedly urged Bibi to put the kibosh on attacking Iran’s nuclear sites in the coming months, while Bibi undoubtedly explained to O that the multitude of sanctions imposed on Iran by the UN has had zero effect on Little Hitler and the Maniacal Mullahs. 

Of course, all such talk of “having Israel’s back” was proceeded by a Sunday speech, in which O warned that “bluster” and “loose talk of war” was only strengthening Iran’s position financially – as oil prices rise on “fears of a Middle East crisis.”

Two memos to Barack Obama:

Memo #1: “Loose talk of war,” O? Really? I know you’re in the tank for all things Islam, but have you listened to anything Little Hitler has said since you’ve been in office? The crazy bastard threatens to wipe Israel off the face of the map every other day, O.

Memo #2: Nice try on the linkage, O. “Fears of a Middle East crisis” are responsible for the rising price of oil, (gas), O? Seriously? How about the devaluation of the dollar – as a result of your refusal to reign in spending and seriously tackle the national debt? And your continual attack on the oil companies, your overreaction to the BP oil platform disaster and your decision to kill the Keystone XL Pipeline project? Damn, O – look in the mirror.

During Monday’s meeting – with O sitting to his left – Bibi offered the following:

“Israel must have the ability always to defend itself, by itself. When it comes to Israel’s security, Israel has the sovereign right to ensure its own security.”

Wise words well spoken, Mr. Prime Minister. In O’s eyes, he has thrown better people and countries than you and Israel under the bus. Israel is right to do everything it can on its own to keep from ending up under O’s bus – not to mention free from nuclear dstruction.

The bottom line comes down to this, people:

Israel is convinced that Little Hitler and the Maniacal Mullahs are pursuing a nuclear weapon. (And international inspectors have uncovered evidence to suggest a military intent for a program that Iran claims is only for peaceful purposes.)

O is not convinced that Little Hitler and the Maniacal Mullahs are pursuing a nuclear weapon. (Why then, is the U.S. working with European allies to implement oil and banking sanctions against Iran until it gives up its uranium enrichment program?)

If you were Benjamin Netanjahu, would you trust your own intelligence agency – the Mossad – whose sole objective is the survival of Israel, or would you trust Barack Obama – who chooses to isolate Israel and mollify the world’s Muslims every chance he gets?

Go with the Mossad, Bibi, go with the Mossad.


“Have your back” and “stab you in the back” have two different meanings, right?

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7 replies

  1. “One of them is a strong principled leader who possesses the moral certitude and courage to stand up to the enemies of his country – at all costs – regardless of domestic politics or world opinion.”

    Remember Rat, images in a mirror are reversed. You’ve got it ass-backwards. Obama is the principled leader and Bibi is not.

  2. Put down your mirror, wal – it’s messin’ with your brain. Barack Obama tries his best to humiliate Netanyahu – and isolate Israel – at every opportunity.

    Back off the Kool Aid, my friend – seriously. Would you buy a used car from Barack Obama if you were Bibi Netanyahu? Seriously?

    P.S. You picked a very unfortunate quote with which to compare your spineless president.

  3. I am sick of how we have let the progs take over the world.

    The progs war on the faith that people place in an omnipotent God is one that we have almost lost.

    I played StarCraft a lot. I even had the opportunity to play StarCraft on with people from Israel. It is amazing how much respect they have for Americans and The United States of America.

    I myself had to tell them that if Baraka H. Obama is re-elected, then Israel will have a hell of a time being a country on this planet. I think they understood me, and they know that despite our president, The United States of America is a great place.

    We are just going to have to see what happens at the end of this year…

  4. The only back Obama has covered are the backs of the muslims. I saw Obama with Netanyahu on tv and I had the same thought. His eyes were daggers at Netanyahu and it was obvious he disliked theman immensely. I don’t see how anyone who has any kind of ethics can vote for Obama come November. We have an unvetted man in the highest office of the land and we really have no clue about his background and who his handlers really are. We may have to die for our faith as Christians but I would rather do that than compromise every value and belief that my parents taught me to support one of the most unethical presidents in our great nations history.


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