Sometimes the hypocrisy of the Left is crazy funny. Sometimes its downright pathetic. Every once in awhile, its both. Such was the case with the NAACP’s appeal to the United Nations Human Rights Council over what it views as “voter suppression” in America.

Accusing U.S. states of passing laws that will “disproportionately block members of minority groups from voting,” National Association for the Advancement of Colored People President Benjamin Todd Jealous appealed to the U.N. Human Rights Council Wednesday to take up the issue. (Uh huh, “Jealous” is really his last name.)

Any guess as to where the NAACP came down on the “disproportionate intimidation” of white voters by New Black Panther Party thugs in Philadelphia a couple of years ago?

In a brief presentation to the Geneva-based council, Jealous charged that 25 laws passed in 14 states last year “together make it harder for more than five million citizens to vote.”

“These voter-suppression laws include so-called strict voter ID laws, cutting of Sunday voting, early voting and same-day voter registration, and the re-imposing of notoriously racist bans on formerly-incarcerated people voting.” Hmm, let’s cut through the crap:

Voter photo ID laws, enacted to make sure that people voting are in fact the people they claim to be, are “restrictive?” Disallowing groups of urban blacks – who have been rounded up on election day and delivered to polling stations in buses – to register to vote on the spot is “suppression?” Banning convicted felons from voting is “notoriously racist?”

“Each of these types of laws – often framed as vote security measures – have one thing in common: they will disproportionately block members of minority groups from voting,” said the NAACP head.

Actually, Mr. Jealous, (love that name, dude), the purpose of “each of these types of laws” is to eliminate voter fraud and ensure that the “human rights” of every legal voter are not violated by those who would manipulate the system in an attempt to illegally influence the outcome of elections. Truth be told, that’s precisely why you oppose them, isn’t it?

Listen, Mr. Jealous – I think you’re barking up the wrong tree here. The U.N Human Rights Council doesn’t have time to monkey around with your silly petition – it’s too busy condemning Israel for its systematic suppression of the Palestinians. Besides, we all know that the U.N. doesn’t give a damn about the plight of sub-Saharan Africans, don’t we?

Seriously, Mr. Jealous, your best bet is to take up this whole voter suppression thing with your president’s Attorney General, Eric “My People” Holder. Think about it, dude; not only will Holder help you and “your people” circumvent U.S. laws and the Constitution – he’ll look the other way when Black Panther goons with nightsticks intimidate crackers at polling stations when they show up to vote. Yep, Mr. Jealous – it’d be a twofer!

Here’s the really hysterical part: Among the listeners to the NAACP complaint were representatives of several countries whose citizens have no right to vote freely for their governments, including one-party states Cuba and China. And Saudi Arabia, of all places, where women are barred from voting in even the limited elections that are held.

Yep, Mr. Jealous – Eric “My People” Holder is your best bet.


I still can’t get over the dude’s name. 

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  1. Asking for ID is now considered racist? We are living in Crazyville. And let some group try to intimidate The Hillbilly and the Hillbilly Nation! I find it interesting that the NAACP still uses “Colored People” in its name. I think I will start the National Organization For The Advancement of Non-Colored People.

  2. You are correct regarding the impotent nature of the UN’s Human Rights Council. But unfortunately, you may also be correct in the potential for the AG to affect the vote.


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