Forget all the promises Barack Hussein Obama made about not subsidizing abortion – about people not having to pay for abortion coverage if they chose not to. Forget all the speeches by Democrats and their liberal media lapdogs ridiculing conservatives and accusing them of “lying” that Obamacare would indeed fund abortions. Forget it all.

As we’ve come to expect from this president, we’ve been had, America. Again.

The Regime has finalized the rules governing state healthcare exchanges – including the funding of abortions through a mandatory monthly ‘abortion premium surcharge’ that every plan participant will be required to pay.

The $1 surcharge (I can hear the loons now, wailing “It’s only a dollar!” as they spectacularly miss the entire point.) is neatly tucked inside the controversial (and court-challenged) “individual mandate” – the portion of ObamaCare which requires every American to purchase government-approved health insurance – or pay a penalty.

The abortion mandate requires all persons enrolled in insurance plans which include elective abortion coverage to pay a separate abortion surcharge – specifically designated to fund abortions. Almost as disgusting, the surcharge is identified as such – as if to flaunt it.

The Regime not only lacks the moral values of tens of millions of Americans; it seeks to stick its lack of values in the faces of those with whom it disagrees.

Here’s how our disingenuous president attempts to get around the “promises” (lies) he made in saying the government would not fund abortions:

Under O’s shell game, the government is not technically subsidizing abortions; you and I are – by government mandate. Never underestimate the ingenuity of a liberal ideologue.

Insurers will collect a $1 monthly surcharge from each participant. If you write checks for your premiums, you’ll have to write two checks; one for the premium cost, and a separate $1 check for the abortion “surcharge.”  If premiums are billed to your credit card, you’ll see two separate charges; one for the premium cost and one for the additional $1.

Slick bastards.

Moreover, insurance companies may only disclose the purpose of the surcharge to plan participants at the time of their enrollment. Thereafter, they are not permitted to reveal in any of their policy literature what the $1 is for. In addition, insurance plans may only advertise the total cost of the premiums – without disclosing that enrollees will be charged a $1 per month fee to directly subsidize abortions.

Contraception and abortion are neither sicknesses nor diseases. The Regime has changed the definition of  “women’s healthcare” in America to mean contraception, abortifacients, abortion and sterilization – without exception. This means that insurers will either provide “complete” women’s “healthcare” coverage, or they will provide none at all.

Is this freedom? Is this choice? Is this “fair” – to borrow O’s favorite word – for those Americans opposed to the murder of unborn children?

It is not; it is an abomination. Our country is the worse as a result.


Margaret Skinner would be proud of O – yet again.

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  1. My hometown liberal nuns are 100 times worse than Obama. The Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph, in Kalamazoo Michigan – lease their former Nazareth College dormitories to HHS Dept’s KalCounty Health Dept. Their Family Planning Clinic (May 1995-Nov 2003) gave out Post-Coital Abortion Pills called “Preven.” Since May 1995-Present at their HHS Dept’s STD CLINICS give to 12 Year Olds whole boxes of Condoms, w/o Parental Notification. Only a 18 Year Old Peer or Pimp with an Prison ID, Driver’s License or State ID need to accompany, that 12 Year Old who is being used for sex. Can we say “sex trafficking?” Yup! HHS Dept, County Health Dept’s which are their affiliates, and the Obama Regime are into drugs and sex trafficking and so are all the Liberal Butt-kissing Nuns out their. The old nuns who are six feet under, must be rolling in their graves. Society has gone insane! We have to hold a Mirror Up to their Sins – or they will never change. They only get away with it, in stealth. Prayer must accompany our work, too. Great articles! Keep it up!

    • Obama’s distaste for – and battle with – the Catholic Church runs much deeper than most people realize – or care.

      • I bet you’re right. Obama went to a Catholic School in Indonesia. Perhaps he was upset by something some classmate, nun, priest, or teacher did. Sad how people do not get past their past, and grow up. It’s costing the USA, but not affecting any of those, who hurt him, in his past. I think Obama is functionally nuts.

  2. Reblogged this on A Lot Of Coffee and Sleepless Nights and commented:

    This is BS. Regardless of the cost why should I have to pay for something I’m never going to use?

  3. Reblogged this on DeborahBidwell's Blog and commented:

    Yeah, I found out when I did my health insurance here at work since I can’t be pregnant that I still have to pay for pregnancy coverage, as well as other female things. If you are female or have a female covered on your insurance, you have to have it per the insurance company. Government is the same way telling us we have to pay for something that we will never use, ie GM, Solyndra, and a whole host of deceit from Washington and the libs.

  4. Would you mind telling me where in those 644 pages I can find that?

    • No kidding. HHS has so far avoided spelling out in any detail how the abortion surcharge payments will be made, but rest assured – they’ll happen.

      • So you are spreading propaganda? You know that does not help a thing. If you can’t point to it don’t mention it or at least add a disclaimer. Are you familiar with the “National Defense Authorization Act of 2012″ and the claim that it allows for the “indefinite detention of American citizens”? It’s a discussion I’m having on fb this morning and it prompted me to make a blog post. It deals with this thing of spreading information without vetting it. You can read it if you want.


        • “So you are spreading propaganda? You know that does not help a thing. If you can’t point to it don’t mention it or at least add a disclaimer.”

          Have you always been this way, or have you recently suffered a brain injury?

          Here’ “pointing to it,” Stan. All the wishful thinking and denial in the world won’t obscure this fact: O and his lieutenants seek to control nearly every aspect of our lives. Why would they possibly want to do that, you ask?

          Power, Stan – power. As is the case with all Communistic societies, a regime’s ability to control its populace through the provision of cradle-to-grave “benefits” is as old as Socialism itself. Just as guys like Marx and Lenin figured out, people don’t usually destroy those things on which they depend. That is – until they see through the lies.

          Unfortunately for you – you’ll be one of the last to see it for what it is. After it’s way too late.

          • Did I insult you? Why do you insult me? You have not pointed at anything. You what me to and your readers to read through 644 pages to find it for our selves. If it’s there and you are going to claim its there then point to page and paragarph. It’s not that hard. Unless of course you haven’t read it yourself. In that case you’re spreading propaganda. Do you need the definition of propaganda,
            1. the organized dissemination of information, allegations, etc, to assist or damage the cause of a government, movement, etc

            My original post on my very first visit to your blog,

            “Would you mind telling me where in those 644 pages I can find that?”

            All I wanted was for you to save me sometime. You claim it’s there so say where it’s at in that 644 pages. I was looking for acurate information is all. I don’t trust Obama or his minions and would just like to make sure I have reliable information before I go repeating anything I hear or read.

            Unfortunately for me I made the mistake of assuming you had integrity.

          • My intent was not to insult you – but when a comment begins with a statement accusing me of “spreading propaganda,” you get what you give. Regular readers of The Rat’s Right understand as much.

            The language describing abortion funding begins on page 627 of the document. HHS has indicated that Sebelius will soon address the issue in greater detail.

            As to my integrity? I’m much more interested in the judgment of those I respect in return.

          • Couldn’t reply to your last, So i’ll have to do it this way.

            I wasn’t accussing you of spreading propaganda, I was asking if you were. But I see where my question could be taken that way. My apologies. Thanks for the page number. Now I can get educated on the topic at hand much faster.

            “As to my integrity? I’m much more interested in the judgment of those I respect in return.”

            Same here.

          • No need to apologize, it’s fine. I would have reacted differently had you said spreading RUMORS vs. propaganda.

            At any rate, I appreciate your reading and contributing to the blog; I have a tremendous amount of passion for the issues we face, and I appreciate those who feel the same – even when we disagree with one another.

            Stop back.

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  6. While defenders of the throne will show up and throw stones from time-to-time, don’t doubt the Rat on this one, folks.

    The Regime’s Friday night news dump – along with a future announcement from Sebelius – will continue to clarify exactly what the Rat reported.

    Of course, the naysayers will be back hiding under their beds by then; they never return to eat crow, do they? ;-)


  1. Be Sure To Thank Bart Stupak For Your $1 Per Month Premium Abortion Charge | Wis U.P. North

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