As I’ve written previously, President Alternative Energy finds himself in quite a pickle these days as gas prices have continued to climb and his approval rating has continued to tank. O has replaced his “I want oil prices to skyrocket so the country will be forced to buy into my dopey alternative energy plan” rhetoric with “I’m in full panic mode now and pretending to care about high gas prices so I won’t have my ass handed to me in November” rhetoric.

O’s problem is this: He still hates oil and everything it represents. But – he must pretend to be concerned with the rising price of gas, (which is precisely what he said he wanted to see happen) or he’ll risk re-coronation. So, what’s an environmentalist wacko beholden president to do? What O always does; speak out of both sides of his mouth.

Yes, America, O is now chasing the “We gotta lower gas prices” bandwagon – big time – as he simultaneously continues his ridiculous efforts to convince America that oil is “the fuel of the past” and that we all must stop being such oil hogs. After all, we only have “2% of the world’s oil reserves.” The only problem is – O’s wrong. But as all of us non-Kool-Aid drinkers well know, reality has never stood in the way of a good liberal political lie:

“With only 2% of the world’s oil reserves, we can’t just drill our way to lower gas prices. Not when we consume 20% of the world’s oil” has become a favorite campaign lie for the disingenuous O.

Yes, folks, there’s a tiny little problem with O’s 2% claim: John Merline at Investors Business Daily says it’s not even close to being accurate. Merline claims that the figure Obama uses – that of proved oil reserves – vastly undercounts the amount of oil the U.S. actually has in its possession.

While the U.S. does have 2% of the entire world’s proved reserves – 22.3 billion barrels – according to the Energy Information Administration, the EIA also explains that proved reserves “are a small subset of recoverable resources,” because they only count oil for which companies are currently drilling in existing fields.

Merline says – supported by various government reports – that vast supplies of oil exist in in the U.S. – all of which O conveniently (and politically) ignores. Among them:

At least 86 billion barrels of oil in the Outer Continental Shelf yet to be discovered, according to the government’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management.

About 24 billion barrels in shale deposits in the lower 48 states, according to the EIA.

Up to 2 billion barrels of oil in shale deposits in Alaska’s North Slope, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

Up to 12 billion barrels in ANWR, according to the United States Geological Survey.

As much as 19 billion barrels in the Utah tar sands, according to the Bureau of Land Management.

Then of course there’s the massive Green River Formation in Wyoming, which the USGS says contains a stunning 1.4 trillion barrels of shale oil – a type of oil released from sedimentary rock after it’s heated. (This is the oil that drives the environmentalist wacko loons crazier than any other.)

Let’s get real: The problem is not a geological problem whereby the U.S. doesn’t possess vast supplies of untapped oil that could make it energy-independent for 100 years or more; the problem is a political problem created by environmentalist wackos and presidents who fear them – and act accordingly. (See: Obama – Keystone XL Pipeline.)

The truth is, America, the vast majority of America’s oil reserves are simply roped off. Solely for political reasons. Solely for reelection reasons. Brazil, China and Cuba – yes, Cuba – may soon be drilling off our coasts where Obama refuses to allow American oil companies to drill. Hell – Obama invites Brazil to drill off U.S. coasts.

ANWR, which is estimated to hold 16 billion barrels of oil – equal to a 30 years of oil imports from Saudi Arabia – sits untapped. Political ads by environmentalist loons always depict the magnificent Brooks Range in their attempt to turn public opinion against drilling in ANWR. The problem is – that’s not where the drilling would take place. The actual location of the oil is on the coastal plain, which been compared to Mars by many who have seen it.

Shale oil – which is well within our technical ability to recover – will also remain untapped as long as the wackos continue to fight fracking and horizontal drilling. As long as presidents continue to fear them, that is.

So when O says that America only has 2% of the world’s oil reserves, he’s lying, America. He’s lying – and he knows he’s lying. Moreover, he’s lying for the sole purpose of purpose of maintaining power. After all, he’s a left-wing ideologue – it’s what they do.

This is a quintessential example of the Political Lie. Joseph Goebbels understood the concept perfectly.


Frickin’ environmentalist wackos – and the presidents who fear them. Damn.

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  1. You have great timing. I’m involved in a discussion on fb about this very subject right now.

  2. Great minds think alike. ;-)

  3. James Delingpole has described these environmental wackos as watermelons – Communists on the inside.

    • Good description. As is the case with contraception and the Catholic Church, it’s never about “what it’s about” with the leftist loons. They are true Socialists who favor government control over every aspect of our lives; they want to be able to tell us what we can do, where, when and with whom we can do it.

  4. No, see, the real problem is that all of this oil is finite. It will go away and there is no replacing it. Or are you of the mind that the end of the oil tap is so far in the future you don’t care? Sustainable, alternative energy should be the focus, not trying to find deposits on our own turf. We have become so dependent on fossil fuels as a society we would tear apart our own country just to get more. I don’t see a long term solution here. It’s short term. And that is the problem. Here’s a though, why not jump on the alternative energy bandwagon and stop being so dependent on oil and natural gas. The widespread panic that grips the public when gas prices rise would be a thing of the past.

    But no, your solution is to drill into our own areas. Have you ever read an environmental impact report? Do you understand what it means? Call me a whacko, I don’t care. There are reasons, very real, scientific reasons, that what your suggesting isn’t a viable option or else it would have been done already. But you don’t care about the environment, obviously. You just want to be able to fill your car up and drive around uninhibited. This is the “I want it now” generation, with no thought to their actions, or the impact they would have on the future.

    • “Sustainable, alternative energy should be the focus, not trying to find deposits on our own turf.”

      “Why not jump on the alternative energy bandwagon and stop being so dependent on oil and natural gas.”

      This is ridiculous. Name a “sustainable alternative energy” of which you’re aware that can power the world’s airlines. Just one. Or the nation’s manufacturing plants or millions of semis? As you’re drawing a blank, perhaps you can share with us what we should do until your “very real, scientific reasons” become reality.

      The obvious answer is to pursue alternative energy sources for the future – while doing all we can to be as energy independent as possible. And OF COURSE we must protect the environment.

      In any case, is the development of alternative energy the government’s job or that of free enterprise? Should taxpayers guarantee loans to solar companies who are provided those loans as political rewards by politicians? Should they be provided to companies whose investors are in bed with Obama – only to have a disproportionate number of them fail?

      The practice of liberals – including your president – of villainizing oil and the oil companies is ridiculous and it is disingenuous – particularly given that there is no “alternative energy source” for the foreseeable future. That is – of course – unless you don’t plan to fly anywhere or have anything delivered by truck.

      Liberalism sounds so good on paper and in speeches, doesn’t it? In reality? Please.

    • This is too easy. Until their is a fuel that will power all forms of transportation of goods, we have to use fossil fuels. Plains trains, and automobiles are powered by it. The grub you eat, the clothes you wear are all brought to you by fossil powered vehicles.
      I would gladly stop using fossil fuels as soon as you can power these vehicles with “insert option here.” Don’t forget, we need to power our military also.

  5. Every time he opens his mouth he’s lying.

  6. Bull. The oil can be extracted in a safe manner. Yes, accidents do happen. But what would have us do while you are looking for the “magic green bullet”? Live in caves? Have to decide whether to buy gas or food? It is not an either or thing, we need to do BOTH. However, until you libs get it in your head that green energy IS NOT TECHNICALLY OR ECONOMICALLY FEASABLE at this time, then we need to keep our economy going and that means coal, oil and gas. Look, photovoltaic cells haven’t advanced in any realistic fashion in decades. Electric cars today, with all their technological advancements, go no further than they did with the old lead/acid batteries in 1920! Good grief get you head otta you butt.

  7. I really like the new look, Rat. Well done my friend…

  8. Thanks Dave – much appreciated. It was time for an update.

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