The Road We’ve Really Traveled


Regular readers of The Rat’s Right are familiar with Rat’s post on O’s Hollywood-produced docudrama – “The Road We’ve Traveled” – a delusional, slickly-produced 17-minute political fantasy which portrays the O-man in Christ-like fashion; a courageous leader who has worked tirelessly to rescue America from the dire straits caused by the evil Bush Administration.

Additionally, The Blaze is reporting that the title and central theme of O’s cartoon have dubious roots as well.  If you haven’t yet seen O’s farcical joke, I suggest you click on the link above and view it before proceeding.

O’s cartoon – produced by Academy Award-winning producer David Guggenheim – who also produced Nutjob Gore’s hysterical “Inconvenient Truth” – conveniently misses the following inconvenient truths of the Obama Regime’s impact on America:

  • Unemployment has risen 7.8% — 8.3% on average
  • The nation’s deficit has risen from $10.7 to $15.3 trillion 
  • Gas prices have risen $1.84 on average – an increase of more than 100%
  • 7.7 million homes have been foreclosed 
  • A record 46.2 million Americans at poverty level
  • 46.1 million Americans on food stamps – an all-time high

Appropriately, Glenn Beck has released a new video which reveals a more frank and honest picture of the havoc wreaked on our country by the first term of the Obama Regime. Do we need another one, America – or have we had more than our “fair share” of this Socialist-wannabe?

As Diane Sawyer famously asked the O-man, “Is one term maybe enough?” Hell yeah, it is.


Funny how inconvenient the real truth can be, huh? 

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2 replies

  1. After the first video I was about ready to vote for Obama. But I’m glad you posted that second video. It brought me back to reality.

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