As I’ve said before, (and will undoubtedly say multiple times in the future), I’m never quite sure which is more amazing; the unbelievable crap that Barack Obama says – or the audacious way in which he says it. The feigned confidence is hysterical; the condescension even better; the hypocrisy over the top. The O-man knows no equal, America.

Such was the case today when Big O’s Fossil Fuel Dog and Pony Show rolled into Cushing, Oklahoma – the heart of Oil Country. O stopped by for a photo op – closed to the public, of course – and to take credit for the southern leg of the Keystone XL Pipeline, which he now claims he authorized. In O’s world, if you can’t beat it – take credit for it.

Memo to Obamanites:

Your disingenuous hero is attempting to take credit for the section of the Keystone XL Pipeline that didn’t need his approval – and for oil production on private and state lands beyond his jurisdiction. Embarrassing, huh?

Again, is O really this delusional – or is he just a liar? I mean, we all know liars; I know a couple of really outstanding ones. It’s one thing to lie when you think you can get away with it, but when you surely know there are more than a few people out there who are going to expose your lies as soon as they leave your lying lips, what the hell is that?

O is supposed to be so damn smart, right? If so, how can he lie over and over again when he knows bigger than crap that he’s going to be called out – immediately? Who does that? I’ll tell you who:

A president who has the sock puppets of the Obama Media Group in his pocket, a slew of liberal elites who don’t give a damn if he lies or not, and tens of millions of “less-than-informed” groupies who have no clue – nor do they care – whether he tells the truth or not. Such is life on Planet Obama.

So, Mr. “Oil is the fuel of the past” shows up in Oil Country and acts like he’s J.R. Ewing. Stop it, O; you’re killing me.

For the record, construction of the southern half of the Keystone XL Pipeline project was announced weeks ago by its builder, TransCanada. And? It required neither presidential nor State Department approval because it does not cross an international boundary. Nice try, O.

Unfortunately, the part of the pipeline that does require State Department approval – and would have carried as much as 24 billion barrels of oil to American refineries – runs from the rich oil sands of Alberta, past the booming oil fields of the Bakken shale formation in North Dakota and down to Cushing. It’s the section Obama killed in January.

You can’t say O doesn’t have cojones grandes; he kills the critical section of the pipeline – is irrelevant in the construction of the remaining section – then rolls into Oklahoma and tries to take credit for the whole deal. 

Obamapalooza 2.0. Quite the dog and pony show. Damn.

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  1. Thanks for the reblog, Catholic Glasses. The more I think about it, this may be O’s grandest stunt yet. ;-)

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