Whenever Barack Obama barely gets a sniff of something for which he can steal take the credit, he’s all over it like a fly on – oh never mind – you get the picture. His “I Killed Osama bin Laden Victory Tour” and this week’s “Big O’s Fossil Fuel Dog and Pony Show” being perfect examples. O never misses an opportunity to pat himself on the back.

So, why is he not all over the news today trumpeting the second anniversary of his “Affordable Health Care Act,” better known as ObamaCare? One would think his press office at MSNBC would be doing live remotes from the White House lawn all day and handing out Socialist baloons with O’s logo slapped all over them.

Perhaps – to revisit the profoundly stupid “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it” statement made by Loon Supreme Nancy Pelosi as she shilled for ObamaCare’s passage – enough people know “what’s in it” to cause O to keep a sufficiently low profile today.

Maybe it’s because recent polls indicate that 3 out 5 Americans oppose the individual mandate. Or maybe it’s because the Congressional Budget Office announced this week that it now projects ObamaCare to cost $1.76 trillion over the first nine years – double the amount that O promised. Or, could it be because O’s attempt to take over one sixth of the U.S. economy goes before the Supreme Court Monday in a challenge to its constitutionality?

While O remained strangely quiet on the anniversary of ObamaCare, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell did not:

“This week marks the two-year anniversary of the President’s healthcare law – one that’s often described as his ‘signature legislative achievement.’ But you wouldn’t know it based on the President’s schedule this week. For a President who isn’t particularly shy about taking credit even for things he didn’t have a whole lot to do with, he’s curiously silent this week about a bill he talked about for more than a year before it passed. According to news reports, the President doesn’t even plan to mark the occasion.

Well, Republicans are happy to talk about it for him. We’re happy to point out the ways in which this law has failed to live up to the promises the President made about it. We’re happy to make the case for why this unconstitutional infringement on Americans’ liberties needs to be repealed and replaced with the kind of common sense reforms that Americans actually want.”

Regime mouthpiece Jay Carney, in typical condescending fashion, dismissed any observance of the second anniversary of ObamaCare’s signing as something that “only those who toil inside the Beltway focus on.”

Really, Jay? Nobody outside the beltway focuses on ObamaCare? The Supreme Court will beg to differ with you come Monday. Hell, Jay – the American people may also beg to differ with you come November.


Anniversary? We don’t need no stinking anniversary!

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  1. Obama plays the piano, not the trumpet.


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