Federal debt, what federal debt? Deficit spending, what deficit spending? Leave it to Barack Obama to find yet another way to piss away taxpayer dollars – um – taxpayer dollars that our grandchildren will pay – long after we’re gone.

Despite another year of $1 trillion deficits, The Obama Regime has requested an additional $770 million in government funds to combat the effects of “global warming” in “developing countries,” according to a new report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS).

This request continues O’s policy of funding “anti-global warming measures” in foreign countries as part of the Global Climate Change Initiative. No word from O on whether this pissed-away money qualifies as an “investment,” as have his other deficit-spending projects. Funny, I’ve never made an investment that resulted in me paying the interest.

As an aside, it occurs to me that, for the most part, the same countries have been referred to as “developing countries” for as long as I can remember; at what point will at least one of them achieve “developed” status?

According to CRS, the Obama Regime has spent a total of $2.5 billion on GCCI since 2010 on overseas “anti-global warming efforts” in Latin America, Asia, and Africa since its reign began.

If the request is approved by Congress, O’s total expenditure on “foreign climate change” will exceed $3.3 billion.

Oops – I almost forgot – a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, signed by sixteen distinguished scientists, discusses “the lack of global warming for well over ten years.” Go figure.

Barack Hussein Obama – looking out for the best interests of America – the world over.

Hell – when you’re spending the money of future generations, why stop now, right O? Besides, you have the environmentalist wackos to think about – come November – don’t you?


I wonder how much of a cut Al Gore gets?

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    Unsustainable bullshit. IMHO.

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