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  1. It’s not a regime; it’s an administration which will be office until January, 2017.

    • Regime:
      1. A government, especially an authoritarian one.
      2. A system or planned way of doing things, especially one imposed from above.

      Sorry; it’s a regime. It’s The Regime.

    • I think you had a typo and meant 2013. I hate for people to accidentally write the wrong thing, and I try to look out for people’s reputation in this regard.

      • It’s simple denial; he’s quite capable of it on a regular basis.

        • I think they make medicines for that… Who knows, but he once told me that saying he was a “GOP/Republican” made him more credible. Which doesn’t bide well for his internal/personal feelings on his liberal beliefs….

          • As is the case with many “disingenuous” comments made by liberals, he actually thinks some of us believe his claim of being a Republican.

            The Rat is not one of those people. ;-)

          • I am a Republican in the long tradition that started with Lincoln and ended in 2000. Republican’ts refuse to compromise with the opposition and vow to hold the country hostage until they are returned to power. The Republican’ts include Grover Norquist, George W. Bush, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum. One of the major questions before the voters in November will be where is Mitt. Is Mitt Romney a Republican, or is Mitt a Republican’t?

          • C’mon, Walt; the definition of “compromise” – Obama-style is raising taxes on “the rich” and increasing entitlements.

            Riddle me this: Name one Republican you would have supported in this year’s election. (Two for extra credit.)

          • You mean 2012? Jon M. Huntsman, Jr. and None of the Above AKA Jeb Bush.

          • I would support Huntsman only if Obama were not running. He was a good governor of Utah where I live.
            Have you checked out Curt Erler yet? He is selling signed copies of his 3 books on eBay at reasonable prices. I get a kick out of autographed copies. I have a signed copy of Barack’s second book for which I paid $65. It is now worth about $2000.

          • Then you are not a true Republican, are you?

            The O-man may not be the devil incarnate that many Republicans suggest he is, but he can hardly be accused of having even a shred of conservatism in his being.

            Alas, Walt; you’ve finally been exposed – although something tells me you’ll use a bit of liberal logic in your attempt to wiggle out of this one – as you always do. ;-)

          • Walthe, ANYONE who wants to vote for Obama this time around is NOT a Republican- or a conservative. He is a LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE. Now, the only excuse anyone can have for voting for this tyrant is ignorance. As you have been hanging around the Conclub for a while now, you get no such excuses. Your eyes are open wide.

            The truly sad thing is that the Republican party is being infiltrated by Progressives. The true battle is NOT between Democrats & Republicans, but between Conservatives & Progressives. Period.

            Rat, you are absolutely correct that things are ominous. In fact, I will go one further and say that things are INEVITABLE. I am still battling with the idea of how best to use my energy in these last days… watching T.V. almost makes me puke.

    • Among the most guilty of the guilty sits O’s pal – Jeff Immelt – head of the highly touted Jobs Council. What’s your point?

      P.S. I am on record as having said: Lower the corporate tax rate and close the loopholes.

    • Can we ever get past the resentment induced political hyperbole and just accept a simple reality, that being corporations never, NEVER!!! pay taxes. Corporate tax is a misnomer as the tax is always, ALWAYS!!! (did I say “Always’?) ALWAYS!!! passed to the customers as a hidden tax not much differently than sales tax. The attack on tax rates of the rich is an ackowledgemnt of that simple faxt that lefty drones can’t fathom.

      Corporate tax is specifically what leads to the corruption everyone seems to want to decry but not truly address. Without it (talking about U.S. based corps here) there is nothing to be “negotiated” between business and government . Those that argue for Corporate taxes fall in to two catgories: 1) People with an unstated interest in the backdoor deals taht they know will come to reduce those taxes, 2) Fools

      • “Corporate tax is a misnomer as the tax is always, ALWAYS!!! (did I say “Always’?) ALWAYS!!! passed to the customers as a hidden tax not much differently than sales tax.”

        TP is absolutely correct – as I pointed out in this post on the U.S. now being “distinguished” as having the highest corporate tax rate in the world. Nice job, O.

        • I did differentiate U.S. based**. I am perfectly fine with taxing non U.S. based as it is akin to tariffs and I am one of the few conservatives that believe tariffs have their role in some cases.

          **U.S. based meaning what is being sold is primarily produced in the U.S. from component down to raw materials (mining etc)

      • lol! Talon’s Point, are you a little frustrated? ;-D But you are correct, corporations all have most of their money being funneled into off shore accounts. They have ‘subsidiaries’ located on islands all over the world. They only pay for a tiny percentage of what they make. They are almost impossible to audit because their ‘guts’ are complete spagetti. Good luck to any auditor (or team of auditor) getting through all the shell companies and trusts involved! As a management consultant who used to bring home some serious bucks overseas, I know of what I speak! Even small fries take their money overseas!

  2. Without a doubt, a marketing campaign beyond all belief. It’s success though also awakens many who have never concerned themselves with politcs before. That is, without a doubt, a double-edged sword.

  3. What say we get a couple of those basketballs and use them for soccer? I’d purely love the chance to kick one of those for a while. And remember, you’re not allowed to touch the ball with your hands — unsanitary anyhow.

  4. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:

    I am related to President Lincoln. And, a five dollar bill will buy you a half a can of gas for the lawn mower. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! Then, there is Obama. Imposing class warfare, communism and religious bigotry, etc. etc. etc. A flag with his photo? Oh please. Must we suffer that nonsense too? His egomania is an enigma, to me.

  5. Rat, the sad thing is that it isn’t truly a cult. There would be something to fight for if it was. The trouble truly lies in the entitlement culture of our youth. Yes, I blame the federal indoctrination program called public education, but I can’t ignore the kind of depravity that seems inevitable in all great nations. Think Rome. They rotted from the inside out. The young growing up in the greatness are soft, lazy and have zero understanding as to why they enjoy their massive privaleges. They are too lazy to even ask. It is the cycle of the beast. Even if Jesus doesn’t come back in our lifetime, I fear that our generation must pass away, the new must be crushed and THEN they may rise once more. But history doesn’t seem to favor second chances. …

    • While The Cult of Obama was somewhat tongue-in-cheek, there actually are cultish elements to the ridiculous adulation bestowed on this guy by his followers. By definition, a cult is “a system of religious veneration and devotion directed toward a particular figure or object.”

      While the religious reference is debatable, there is a definite faith aspect to the blind devotion showered on the O-man. Strangest thing I’ve ever seen as it relates to the following of a President of the United States by loyal minions.

      • You are right, of course. Humans need something to worship- it is a natural response of humans in relation to the natural knowledge within themselves that there is more to life than being born & dying. But evil hates God, which leaves people with a giant void that must be filled. This ‘worship’ of Obama is exactly the precursor to the worship of the Beast that we will see in the near future.

        • As I’m sure you’re well aware, some view them as one in the same.

          • ummm, yeah. I happen to be one who finds it veeeery interesting that Obama’s family comes from Kenya. Kenya is a mere 500 mile trek from the ancient borders of Assyria (which extended down the Nile to the end of today’s Ethiopia. I mention this because before anyone referred to the Antichrist as such, the ancient prophets such as Ezekiel called him the Assyrian. This Assyrian is the one to whom the Israelites would look to when their enemies gathered around them for their final destruction. Rather than trusting in God, it is foretold that they will instead look to this Assyrian and his kingdom for military support. Hmmm, 500 miles is a very short trek for a family over 4 thousands years, don’t you think? Also, the Bible always identifies a person through their family roots (ie, Jesus is the son of David, though Kind David lived hundreds of years before Christ). I have often wondered, WHY and HOW would the Jews EVER rely on an Arab Muslim for their salvation when I read that in the Bible. But…. what if that Arab Muslim was the president of the United States that had the largest & most well equipped military in the world? What if that country was Israel’s last friend in the world? What if Israel had a neighbor with nuclear capabilities? Would Israel look to the Muslim then?

            Just a few thoughts….


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