The ridiculous effort to draw comparisons between Barack Hussein Obama and Ronald Wilson Reagan began in earnest following O’s 2011 State of the Union address. “Mainstream” media commentators wet themselves as they gushed over how “Reaganesque” their “brilliant” pretender-to-the-throne had performed that evening. Their performances were hysterical.

The only similarity between the Gipper and the O-man is their cojones grandes. The difference being , of course: Reagan used his to stand down liberalism, Mikhail Gorbachev and Soviet domination of Eastern Europe; Obama uses his to pass the buck, shirk responsibility, and take credit for the accomplishments of others. Oh, and there’s that incessant class warfare rhetoric – which he nakedly uses in a pathetic attempt to divide the country – solely for political gain. To paraphrase Lloyd Bentsen:

We knew Ronald Reagan, Mr. President. Ronald Reagan was a friend of ours. Mr. President, you’re no Ronald Reagan.

Obama’s desperate attempt this week to appeal to the values of Ronald Reagan as he continued his relentless attempt to sell America on raising taxes on “the rich” demonstrates the desperation of this man and his party; Liberal elites loathe Ronald Reagan and everything he stood for. Imagine how humiliating it must feel to a blue-blooded liberal elite like Barack Obama to be reduced to invoking the ideals of the stupid “B” actor – even as he misrepresents those ideals – all in an effort to promote the very ideology the Gipper despised. Tough sledding, O; thank God (or whomever you thank) for those cojones grandes.

“I’m not the first president to call for this idea that everybody has got to do their fair share. Some years ago, one of my predecessors traveled across the country pushing for the same concept. He gave a speech where he talked about a letter he had received from a wealthy executive who paid lower tax rates than his secretary, and wanted to come to Washington and tell  Congress why that was wrong. So this president gave another  speech where he said it was ‘crazy’ – that’s a quote – that certain tax loopholes make it possible for multimillionaires to pay nothing, while a bus driver was paying 10% of his salary. That wild-eyed, socialist, tax-hiking class warrior was Ronald Reagan.

He thought that, in America, the wealthiest should pay their fair share, and he said so. I know that position might disqualify him from the Republican primaries these days, but what Ronald Reagan was calling for then is the same thing that we’re calling for now: a return to basic fairness and responsibility; everybody doing their part. And if it will help convince folks in Congress to make the right choice, we could call it the Reagan Rule instead of the Buffett Rule.” 

Not only is the above quote desperate and pathetic – it’s misleading as well. Yeah, I know – what a shock that the O-man would purposely mislead or distort the facts. Except, of course, when you realize that misleading America and distorting facts are tried-and-true arrows in the liberal quiver.

Obama would have us believe that Reagan “traveled across the country pushing for the same concept” as that of our socialist president. Did he? Of course not. Reagan did travel the country promoting comprehensive tax reform – at the core of which was an across-the-board tax rate reduction combined with elimination of tax shelters.

To be fair, the disingenuous Obama talks of eliminating tax loopholes – which Congressional Republicans support as well – but that’s where the comparison with Reagan ends: Reagan sought to reduce taxes on everyone – while Obama seeks to increase taxes on “the rich.” (All for votes, of course.)

Obama’s selective editing of the Gipper’s comments conveniently omitted this Reagan quote from the same time period:

“By lowering everyone’s tax rates all the way up the income scale, each of us will have a greater incentive to climb higher, to excel, to help America grow.” 

Herein lies the fundamental difference between liberal and conservative ideology as it relates to tax policy: Liberals fixate on increasing tax rates while conservatives focus on increasing tax revenue – by increasing the number of taxpayers. 

Reagan said as much several years after successfully lowering tax brackets across the board; he attributed the economic comeback of the previous few years, during which, “hope has returned, and America’s working again,” to the fact that “we cut tax rates and trimmed federal spending.” Sorry, O; that doesn’t sound all that Obama-esque, does it? More Gipper:

“We want the part of your check that shows federal withholding to have fewer digits on it. And we want the part that shows your salary to have more digits on it. We’re trying to take less money from you and less from your parents.” Reagan noted that some people would save the additional money, some would spend it, some would invest it – but all options would be just fine. Why so? Because “whatever you do with it, you’ll be the one who’s doing the doing. You’ll make the decisions. You’ll have the autonomy. And that’s what freedom is.”

Our desperate, disingenuous President left that “little” part out too. 


I’d normally say the Gipper must be looking down and smiling at having his beliefs invoked by a successor President. In this case, I’m sure he’s laughing his ass off.

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  1. Rat, this little byatch of a president knows the fix is in for the next election, and he knows he will probably be the winning puppet. So he has no fear when he speaks. No concerns of blatant lies and no worries about naked hypocrisy. We are screwed as a nation. Can Romney win? Sure, but he is just a slower moving, version of Barry. I will say that Mitt might not fully understand that he is part of a bigger mechanism. I also think Mitt is a better human being than Barry. Mitt has a solid family, and he lives his faith.


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