Barney Frank: Obama Was Wrong To Push ObamaCare So Hard


Okay, now they’re messin’ with us, right? Other than the O-man himself, if I were asked to pick one Democrat politician against whom I would’ve bet the farm of ever accepting blame or admitting a mistake, it would’ve been Barney Frank – hands down. Until today, that is. What the hell is going on with liberals, these days? Is Fox News watering down the Kool-Aid?

I mean, think about it; what did it take – two days? – for the O-man to criticize Hillary Rosen for her Ann Romney blast last week? O never criticizes comments or actions by liberals. (or ethnic groups) Hell – the New Black Panthers Party nearly rode into Sanford, Florida and “captured” George Zimmerman, whom they surely would have shot or hung from the nearest tree – while the O-man uttered nary a peep. Strange days, indeed. Perhaps panic is settling in on Planet Obama.

Anyway, back to the amazing Barney Frank. The soon-to-be retired Congressman from Massachusetts now says O made a “mistake” by pushing so hard for ObamaCare. However, in true Barney-esque form, he also says he told the Regime to “back off” in 2010 after Democrats suffered disastrous losses in the 2010 midterm elections. (He voted for the bill, by the way.)

“I  think we paid a terrible price for healthcare. I would not have pushed it as hard. As a matter of fact, after [Sen.] Scott Brown [R-Mass.] won [in January 2010], I suggested going back. I would have started with financial reform, but certainly not healthcare.” 

As for the “mistake,” Bill O’Reilly’s BFF Frank drew a parallel to the failed healthcare plans of Bill and Hillary Clinton:

“Then Obama made the same mistake Clinton made. When you try to extend healthcare to people who don’t have it, people who have it and are on the whole satisfied with it get nervous.”

Asked whether he thought Obama misinterpreted what he considered to be a mandate for healthcare reform, Blowhard Barney said:

“The problem with healthcare is this: Healthcare is enormously important to people. When you tell them that you’re going to extend healthcare to people who don’t now have it, they don’t see how you can do that without hurting them. So I think he underestimated, as did Clinton, the sensitivity of people to what they see as an effort to make them share the healthcare with poor people.”

You gotta love Barney Frank. He was arguably more responsible for the housing crisis than was any other member of Congress – saying, “I want to roll the dice a little more in this situation toward subsidized housing,” months before the crap hit the fan(nie mae). As he ended his no-doubt revisionist recollection of his involvement in the ObamaCare disaster, he offered that had the O-man only followed his advice, “you could have gotten some pieces of it.”

Barney may have gotten some pieces along the way, but as for pieces of ObamaCare – not so much.


Democrats just can’t not lie, can they?

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