Who the hell do these people think they are, Solyndra? GSA employees? The Palestinians? Get a grip, loons; you’ve fallen for it. Again. Contrary to what you’ve been programmed to believe, your lord and savior (lower-case “l” and “s” intended) is not handing out free money – in the form of debit cards, anyway. Not yet, that is.

This silliness began in the fall of 2009 when thousands of people showed up in Michigan to score free “Obama money.” It was hysterical; I remember watching video of people being asked where they thought the “free money” was coming from. In various states of ignorant euphoria – they answered, in lemming-like unit, “Obama!” When asked the very difficult follow-up question: “Where is Obama getting the money? The clueless looks on their goofy faces said everything from “I don’t care, as long as he gives some to me!” to “Whoa – damn – I never thought of that.”

In any case, the child-like naivete was priceless; the pathetic sense of entitlement created by the cruel drug of liberalism – combined with a healthy dose of  helplessness – never ceases to amaze the Rat.

As was the case with the last go-around, it’s a scam this time, too. The only difference being – this one doesn’t seem to have Barack Obama’s fingerprints all over it. Responding to a local rumor, people have been standing in line for hours, turning over valuable personal information and expecting to receive debit cards – loaded with $1,000 – compliments of O’s “stimulus” plan.

According to a report by Sarah Wallace of ABC7 in New York, E & M Multi-Services – which operates out of the back of a “dollar store” in the Bronx – has been collecting copies of Social Security cards and state ID cards in exchange for “free debit cards” from First California Bank. The problem, of course, is that the cards are not issued by First California Bank and they are not loaded with $1,000 — not from the lord and savior, Obama – or anyone else.

As unfortunate as these scams may be – and they are unfortunate for the folks who fall victim to them – the class-warfare, entitlement-mentality created by the non-stop rhetoric of a divisive president only serves to exacerbate the problem. What a shame that he exploits the less-fortunate among us for personal political gain.

Never underestimate the stupidity of people in large groups. Especially people who weren’t too awfully bright to begin with – only to become drunk with the intoxicating Kool-Aid of Obamunism.


P.T. Barnum famously said, “There’s a sucker born every minute.” When it comes to “less-than-informed” liberals, I suspect the birthrate is much higher.

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