Obama Campaign In Desperate Search For Black Staffers


“There…right there…that’s what I’m talkin’ about; hire that black woman…as soon as possible!”

Well now. It sounds like Team Obama is in somewhat of a pickle. Yep, America’s first black president (apologies to Bill Clinton) is in full panic mode over the feared perception that his reelection campaign staff is not sufficiently diversified to present the proper facade to all-about-image Democrat voters. As a result, the campaign is scurrying its hypocritical ass off to hire additional staffers for the campaign. Additional black staffers, that is. You see, the O-man’s campaign staff looks just a tad bit too white – which is not good for President Diversity’s image. Not good at all. And it’s an election year, to boot.

Is this not a hysterical dilemma for a guy who has trotted around the country for four years – incessantly admonishing the rest of us about the virtues of diversity in the workplace? The hypocrisy of The One – Barack Hussein Obama – knows no bounds.

Fearing that it may have to resort to utilizing black blowup dolls in group pictures, Team O has recently begun making increasingly desperate overtures to all who will listen – for the purpose of finding blacks who are willing to work on the campaign. Frenzied efforts have included everything from urgent emails imploring supporters to help the O-man find “qualified, African American candidates” for staff positions, to leaning on the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) in hopes of pressuring it into transitioning CBC staffers into the White House.

While the move to add blacks to O’s campaign is music to the ears of Washington’s black elite – it’s a move critics say is three years too late. The reality is this: The O-man and his minions have only now focused their attention on hiring more blacks simply because they’re worried about black turnout on Election Day. (And the Rat’s not even a rocket scientist or a brain surgeon.)

Of course, no one expects black voters to suddenly defect to Mitt Romney: remember Van Jones’s admission that “Blacks would vote for Obama [even] if he announced he was gay.”? However, black turnout could be pivotal in several swing states the O-man won in 2008 that show signs of being more competitive in 2010 – because of shifts among white independents. Florida, North Carolina and Virginia rank in the top 10 states in total black population, while Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan are in the top 15. Do the math – Team Obama has.

“I think this administration is expected to have the greatest diversity program just given the fact that President Obama is the first African-American president, and he’s not run from issues of diversity,” said Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.). “The question would be ‘What do the facts say about it?’ and I think they would be the best judge of those numbers. You can always do better. And this administration is no different. You can talk diversity, which is good, but a better barometer is whatever the facts say.”

There’s nothing like a liberal frantically trying to cover his ass by creating a (false) perception that backs up his disingenuous rhetoric. This, of course, is new territory for Barack Obama; he normally doesn’t give a damn what the rest of us think. Hell, just look at the Family Obama vacations – all while he’s lecturing the rest of us about belt-tightening and shared sacrifice.

Truth be told, the O-man only pays attention when his political neck is on the line. That time is now.


Always loved the old saying: “Never lie; that way, you won’t have to remember what you said.”

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  1. Lower black participation is predicted this time but women vote and secure majority Hispanics will more than make up for it. One key is that two dozen states were won by a few hundred thousand or less.

  2. All in all, political correctness and quotas, so many blacks, so many whites – is the beginning of the end – as proven here in my country…

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