Imagine, for a moment, the response from liberals if Mitt Romney were to utter the following statement:

“Seniors love to get junk mail. It’s sometimes their only way of communicating or feeling like they’re part of the real world.”

Or this: “It’s the only way that people have who are in those small communities to communicate with the outside world.” 

You and I both know exactly what would happen; all hypocritical hell would break lose. Everyone from Washington Democrats to the AARP to the sock puppets of the Obama Media Group would be all over Romney like markers on a bingo card. While any Republican would be accused of insensitivity and stereotyping, Mitt would receive “special” condemnation. In addition to the aforementioned accusations, he’d be called a “condescending, out-of-touch multi-millionaire with no capacity for compassion or understanding when it comes to “ordinary” Americans.” Wait – they’ve already call him that; never mind.

Why is it that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid can make those comments – and we hear nary a peep from the liberal media?

Reid used the “Senior citizens love junk mail” claim on the Senate floor this week as a reason to pass a U.S. Postal Service reform bill. (The cash-strapped Post Office announced in February a plan to eliminate  260 mail processing centers as part of a cost-cutting move.) Here’s more of hapless Harry’s hilarity:

“Elderly Americans rely on the United States Postal Service. I’ll come home tonight here to my home in Washington and there’ll be some mail there. A lot of it is what some people refer to as junk mail, but for the people that are sending that mail, it’s very important.”

Wait, what? First, Harry defends “elderly Americans,” (the Democrats’ go-to default when they feel a need to demonize Republicans, which is pretty much all the time), then he switches his allegiance to “the people that are sending that mail.” 

Memo to Harry: The vast majority of “the people that are sending that mail” are evil rich people and large, heartless corporations, Harry. You know – the 1%. Worse – they’re the most diabolical of the diabolic – preying on defenseless senior citizens –  the most vulnerable among us – all for obscene financial gain. Harry – you’re confusing the hell out of me.

Nonetheless, the leading Democrat in the Senate concluded his (disingenuous and condescending – though he tried to sound compassionate) argument this way:

“Unless we act quickly, thousands of post offices – as I indicated, there are more than 30,000 in America, many of them rural – will close. I’ve said this earlier today, and I repeat it: These rural post offices [are] the only way that people have who are in those small communities to communicate with the outside world. Maybe some medicine they’re getting, maybe keep in touch with their family. It’s their way of keeping in touch with the world.”

Why do Democrats always tell us we need to “act quickly,” or pass bills “so we can read what’s in them”? Sounds like they’re afraid we’ll wake up and realize what their real intentions are. Not a bad idea at all, by the way. 


Never sure who’s more to blame; the hoodwinker – or the hoodwinked.

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  1. My 89-year-old Mom would disagree vehemently! She thinks junkmail is a waste of paper, ink, postage, trees, and manpower, not to mention a violation of her privacy that these companies bought her address in the first place, then sent her unsolicited mail! Plus, when going to the mailbox is the highlight/exercise of your day, getting a pile of junkmail can be pretty disappointing!

  2. Lefties hate junk mail because most of it ends up in the landfill. :) Most of the seniors I know are pretty savvy with their computers and the internet. I think it’s more of a rural issue. I had to travel to some pretty rural places in Indiana when I worked for Farm Bureau and to some very rural places in other states when I worked at Baker Hill. I even met many, many young people who weren’t using the internet very much for various reasons. Age didn’t seem to be the main factor. Lousy connections, couldn’t afford it, or just intimidated. Some of our insurance agents didn’t even know how to open email attachments at the office. I saw this doing training just two years ago.

    I think we need to move slow and steady with closing post offices in these rural communities because I don’t see them trading their checkbooks for paying bills online for many moons. Maybe start with just cutting Saturday service, and then take baby steps with other cuts.

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