It’s deja vu all over again. Barack “I’m not gonna make excuses” Obama has unveiled the key strategy of his 2012 reelection campaign – which looks a helluva lot like the key strategy of his 2008 election campaign: Blame George Bush. For Everything.

Mitt Romney pretty much locks up the Republican presidential nomination; the O-man is now able – finally – to map out his strategy and sharpen his attacks – on George Bush. Would it be too much to ask O to run on his own record?

As part of his disingenuous purpose in repeatedly calling for tax increases on millionaires and billionaires, O once again attributed current economic conditions to the “unfair impact of tax cuts for the wealthy” and “the eight years before I took office.” Regime mouthpiece Jay Carney added that Bush’s tax policies contributed to “global economic chaos.” You left out increased solar activity and close flybys by asteroids, Jay.

The Regime even went so far as to blame the former president for North Korea’s recent failed missile launch, saying that George Bush “rewarded North Korea with food aid years ago in spite of its nuclear weapons.” I guess it’s perfectly okay to reward the Palestinians for the terrorist actions of Hamas and Hezbollah by sucking up to them while simultaneously throwing Israel under the bus, huh?

Here’s the O-man in Ohio last week:

“Take a look at what happened – between 2000 and 2008. Instead of faster job growth, we had the slowest job growth in half a century. Instead of broad-based prosperity, the typical American family saw their incomes fall by about 6%. Outsourcing [was] rampant; phony financial profits all over the place. Instead of strengthening our economy, our entire financial system almost collapsed. We spent the last 3 1/2 years cleaning up after that mess. So their theory did not work out so well.”

Memo to O: Listen, if I had your economic record, I’d look for someone else to blame too, but here’s the deal; nobody accused you of creating the problem. Hell – even if we accept your excuse that everything wrong with the U.S. economy (and the universe) is George Bush’s fault, the bottom line is this: We hired you to fix problems – not to incessantly tell us whose fault they are and to make excuses for why you haven’t fixed them. ¿Entienden?

While the Buck-Passer-in-Chief’s relapse into Bush-bashing will always play well with liberals who loathe the very ground on which George Bush walks, the middle 10% of the electorate – those who will decide this election – will not fall for the worn-out rhetoric of a man whose only claim to legitimacy – after nearly four years in office – is not being George Bush.

Truth be told O, there are far more people in America than you realize who would gladly welcome back George Bush – given the alternative of the last four years. That has to irritate the ever-loving crap out of you, doesn’t it?


Shouldn’t the O-man change his campaign slogan to “Barack Obama – Blame We Can Believe In.”?

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  1. I don’t blame GHW Bush, but I do blame GW Bush. We might have been spared both of them if the Japanese in WW2 had captured GHW Bush after he was shot down. Very interesting story, true I believe, in the Fly Boys by James Bradley. Some American POWs were ritually killed and eaten.

    • So, America would be better off today if George the elder would have been killed in WWII?

      What are your thoughts on the content of the “Memo to O”?

      • The GOP in Congress made fixing the Bush mess more difficult and Obama tried to compromise with them for tooooooo long. Let’s give O a Democratic Congress and then make a judgment.

        • How about answering both of my questions now…

          • You mean his record? Here is a list: Equal pay for equal work
            Saving the US auto industry
            Credit card reform
            Hate crimes prevention act
            Affordable care act (Obamacare)
            Student loan reform
            Wall Street reform
            Middle-class tax cuts
            Repeal of “Don’t ask, don’t tell”
            Raising fuel efficiency standards
            Ending Iraq war
            Do you get WGN?
            Cubs down 4-2 in the bottom of the 7th at Wrigley

          • Nope, I mean:

            A: Would the U.S. be better off today if Bush the elder had been killed in WWII?

            B: Do you disagree – or not – with the “Memo to O” reasoning?

            P.S. Would love to go through each one of those “accomplishments” with you when we have more time.

            P.S.S. I’ve already calculated the Cubbies’ magic number for elimination from the post season. ;-)

          • Prove its equal
            not a federal issue
            crime is crime
            tax increase on healthcare
            no reform needed…pay your way
            reinstate GS
            Obama wouldn’t recognize the middle class…tax hikes coming
            Didn’t need repeal
            desparate for something positive
            starting others
            so what

            A list of totally useless liberal drivel…not very Presidential
            how about an f-ing budget?

  2. A. Yes, unfortunately.
    B. Yes, but as I explained in first response, GOP in Congress strategy is to make it difficult and blame O. This is straight out of the Nixon playbook of tactics used by the CIA against Allende in Chile. Cubs lost 4-3 on called 3rd strike in bottom of 9th.

    • A. Unbelievable.

      B. It amuses me that liberals continue to equate opposing – and yes, obstructing – Obama with somehow being against solutions to our country’s problems. Of course, any good conservative should oppose – and obstruct – as often as possible the big-government, socialist policies of this guy. Remember, very often, doing nothing is doing something. In this case, it’s preventing – as often as possible – further erosion of America.

  3. Strategy is to discourage Obama supporters into working less fervently for his re-election. Fewer donations and fewer votes makes it for GOP to win.

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