Barack Hussein Obama may be a failed, divisive president – but he’s far from stupid. Disingenuous? Without a doubt. Self-serving? Most definitely. Crafty? Take it to the bank. In this case, take it from the Health and Human Services Department – all $8 billion of it – and use it to prop up Medicare Advantage. Until after senior citizens have voted in this year’s election, that is.

Let’s call it the Committee to Reelect an Awful President – CRAP – slush fund. Here’s how CRAP works:

As I’ve written in past articles on ObamaCare, the most oppressive aspects of the O-man’s government takeover of America’s healthcare system – including the gutting of the popular Medicare Advantage program – won’t kick in until after this year’s election, when O will have far more “flexibility” – as he recently shared with BFF Dmitry Medvedev.

There’s only one problem: 12 million senior citizens must choose their Medicare coverage program for next year by the end of this year. Those 12 million voters will realize how badly ObamaCare decimates Medicare Advantage – right before the election. Not so fast. Were it not for the disingenuous craftiness of the Obama Regime, this would have thrown a huge monkey wrench into O’s chances of re-seizing the federal government. As a result of O’s “ingenuity” and complete lack of integrity, Kool-Aid-drinking Obamanites across America can rest assured that their president – who will do anything and everything to cling to power – has figured out a (dishonest) way to prop up Medicare Advantage – until after the election.

The goal of ObamaCare’s slashing of reimbursement rates for Medicare Advantage programs – which allow seniors to purchase non-government plans that eliminate the gaps in Medicare coverage – is to force millions of retirees back into the government-run program. Again, this would be a most inconvenient truth for the Regime if seniors were to learn the truth about ObamaCare prior to the election. That’s where CRAP comes in:

The Regime has devised a disingenuous scam – a virtual shell game, as it were – to postpone the reality of ObamaCare’s impact on senior citizens for one more year – which gets the O-man past his final election campaign. The plan? To steal transfer $8 billion from Health and Human Services – to temporarily restore Medicare Advantage funds so that seniors in key markets won’t lose their trusted insurance programs smack-dab in the middle of O’s re-election bid. Crafty, huh?

The money will come from funds that HHS is legally allowed to use for “demonstration projects.” But to make it legal – here’s where O’s disingenuousness comes in – HHS has to pretend that it’s doing an “experiment” to “study” the effect of this money on the insurance market. Liberals may be clueless, America – but they’re not stupid.

And what is the exact nature of this “study,” you ask? To determine what happens when the government doesn’t change anything – but merely continues a program that’s been in place for years. Kinda like funding an experiment to study the effect of breathing on human beings.

Or – we could call it “an experiment to study the the impact of not pissing off senior citizens right before an election.”

And – here’s the best part: Under an obscure 1967 statute, the HHS secretary can spend money without specific approval by Congress on “experiments” directly aimed at “increasing the efficiency and economy of health services.” Well, hell – if that’s not right up the O-man’s alley, what is?

The Obama Regime may not technically break the law – although school’s still out at the Supreme Court on that one – but it sure bends the hell out of it. As for the letter of the law? – that’s a completely different story altogether.


Remember how the Hypocrite-in-Chief criticized President Bush for “ignoring the will of the Congress”? Jackass.

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