In OBAMAPALOOZA 2.0: MILLION DOLLAR SUITES AND CONCIERGE SERVICES, I highlighted the contrast (dishonest contradiction) between the self-imposed “ban” the Obama Campaign had sanctimoniously placed on itself regarding corporate and special-interest donations for the upcoming Democratic National Convention, and the reality of business as usual for the Obama Regime. I also predicted there was no way in hell that union cash would not find its way to Democrat coffers.

As luck would have it, I was right.

The pledge was then, this is now. As a result of its pretend ban on corporate donations, (which it fully intended to circumvent from the beginning by announcing it would accept “in-kind” donations), the Campaign to Reelect an Awful President – CRAP – finds itself in desperate need of cash. And we all know what the O-man does when he needs campaign cash, don’t we?

Sing along with the Rat: “Look for…the union label.”

As reported by Newsmax, CRAP is pushing labor unions to help cover the  convention’s fundraising shortfall that has resulted not only from its self-imposed “ban” on corporate donations, but from reduced contribution from liberal fat cats as well.

This is a prime example of why I write – consistently – about the blatant hypocrisy of liberals – and Barack Obama in particular. CRAP announced that it would not accept donations from corporations for one simple reason: to give the appearance that the O-man is not influenced by Big Business. This always plays well with the “less-than-informed” -which is exactly why Obama does it. (vs. some sort of moral high ground on which O supposedly dwells)

The obvious hypocrisy, of course, is that the O-man is perfectly okay with accepting union money – as much as possible – because this does play well with the less-than-informed. (Think “rank-and-file voters.”) Unfortunately, it doesn’t bode well for free enterprise and those opposed to the practices of  Big Labor – or those it opposes – for one simple reason:

All major political donations are quid pro quo. 

CRAP gave union representatives – including those from the AFL-CIO, Teamsters and the UAW – a tour of the convention sites in Charlotte this week – in advance of putting the squeeze on them for cash. So much for that earlier “commitment.” Moreover, Newsmax reports that CRAP is being urged to lift its self-imposed ban on corporate contributions as well. The “logic” would be simple enough for the O-man; he’d trot out to the teleprompter and give the same excuse he gave for flip-flopping on his 2008 pledge to John McCain to accept public financing – and his recent flip-flop on Super PAC money: “The Republicans do it; we have to do it too.” 

The difference is that the Republicans never pledged not to support Super PACs. They never pledged not to accept corporate donations to help with underwriting their convention. Besides, wasn’t Barack Hussein Obama going to be “different”? Wasn’t he going to rise above “politics as usual”? Wasn’t he going to “change Washington”? Wasn’t he going to The One?

In the disingenuous mind of the liberal, the perception of being beholden to Big Labor is perfectly fine; after all, it’s the workers to whom Democrats are indebted. Isn’t that what America (and votes) is all about? Sure it is.

Besides, the O-man gets a bigger bang for his buck from union donations – whether the rank-and-file like those donations coming out of their paychecks – or not. It’s all about leverage, America – Barack Obama-style.


That “Look for the Union Label” was a catchy little tune, wasn’t it? Little did we know.

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  1. I like unions; I support unions; I think that unions are good for the economy and the country, whether you belong to a union or not. CEOs and corporations have too darned much power over your life and mine. I could go on and on but I won’t right now.

    • This is yet one more example why those of us who have questioned your comments in the past about being a “life-long Republican” have done so; you expose yourself daily, Walt. ;-)

      • I have never subscribed to a laundry list of accepted positions. I would rather think for myself. When I was a dyed -in-the-wool conservative, I condemned college students at UCSB because they were 90% liberal and maybe 10% conservative. They voted for higher taxes in the city and county, but they lived elsewhere and thus didn’t pay those taxes. Now that my positions are different, I still insist that people think for themselves. I don’t believe that it’s a black and white world, and i will not follow a party line just because it is the current GOP position.

        • “I like unions; I support unions; I think that unions are good for the economy and the country.”

          Are you kidding, Walt?

          I wrote a post a few months ago about the UAW’s current push to infiltrate foreign auto-manufacturing factories in the U.S. entitled: “Can the UAW do for Foreign Automakers What it did for Detroit?” I suggest that anyone who’s on the fence on this one read it.

          Labor unions had a time and place – did some good stuff back in the day; reasonable wages, safer work conditions, child-labor laws, etc. But as the saying goes, absolute power corrupts – absolutely.

          Maybe it began with Douglas Fraser – I’m not sure – but the UAW destroyed the American auto industry. Even today, the legacy costs of domestic cars make it very difficult for American companies to complete on a level playing field in an extremely competitive industry.

          I’d think that you – of all people, Walt – would be interested in a “level playing field.”

          Of course it’s not a black and white world, but “thinking for one’s self” as a true conservative – which I still don’t believe you ever were – has its basic tenets that do not change – as is the case with liberalism.

          • No I ‘m not kidding. I grew up in an anti-union environment, but my study of American history has convinced me that unions are a good thing. I recommend you read the following book set in the steel industry on your home turf: Citizens by Meyer Levin. A Chicago reporter, he wrote Compulsion about the Chicago trial of Leopold and Loeb and the kidnap murder of Bobby Franks. Excellent period reporting.

          • The unions WERE a good thing – at one time.

            Unlike you, I grew up in a pro-union environment – the Teamsters, as it were. My dad died at the age of 55, and, after having been a member of the Teamsters for 30 years – received virtually nothing a survivor benefit for my mom. My brother and I supported her the last 10 years of her life.

            Don’t you find it interesting that ZERO foreign auto manufacturing plants in the U.S. have voted to unionize?

          • I am sorry for your personal experience. I have never been a union member myself although I did witness a failed unionizing effort at the hospital where I worked in Santa Barbara. I think that unions have not been successful in unionizing the foreign auto manufacturers here in the US because the plants are located in right to work states. I am not all that familiar with the true facts of the matter.

          • Thank you.

            “Right-to-work” or not; if autoworkers employed by foreign manufacturers perceived they would benefit from union membership, they’d be all over it like a chicken on a June bug.

    • That’s fine… Just Not in Gov. Employment. Because they have so much control over Government that they can get what they want by threatening to shut down the Whole thing… LawEnforcement Safety&Fire Schools Many Utilities… Unions are to protect workers not take over the United States Government.

  2. Unions are a pox on society! They make promises to members that they can’t keep, but the members (useful idiots) just keep on letting themselves be robbed…..

    • “They make promises to members that they can’t keep, but the members just keep on letting themselves be robbed.”

      Sounds exactly like what the Democratic Party as a whole does to the “less-than-informed,” doesn’t it?

  3. Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:

    I tried to get a job at a Labor Union, yet it looked like a Democratic Headquarters for a Local Yahoo Lawyer, Politician Wannabe, who supported Dr Kevorkian; aka Doctor Death. I took a lesser job, because I did not want a Union Thug riding shotgun over me. We need a “Separation of Work & State.” NOW!


  1. 05/07/12: Entire 1st page of Yahoo search results for the search “Barack Obama corporate campaign donations” (Copyright notice as for other pages like this one.) Copyright, with noted exceptions, L. Kochman, May 7, 2012 @ 5:38 p.m. « whi

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