Army SPC Justin Perez-Gorda was severely injured in Afghanistan earlier this year when he got crosswise with a road-side bomb. In fact, Justin was paralyzed – as a direct result of bravely serving his country in a war in which he volunteered to fight. Homes For Our Troops is a non-profit organization dedicated to building specially-adapted homes for America’s severely wounded military heroes – at no cost to the veterans themselves.

The Perez-Gorda family says it may soon be receiving much-needed help from the organization, whose motto is “Helping those who have selflessly given to our country and have returned home with serious disabilities and injuries since September 11, 2001.”

As one might expect, the Perez-Gordas are extremely grateful to Homes For Our Troops. In a display of appreciation, the family’s first-grade and fourth-grade daughters recently wore t-shirts displaying the organization’s logo to school. That’s where the trouble started. The t-shirts apparently violate the Masters Elementary School’s dress code.

Mrs. Perez-Gorda says her girls should have been permitted to wear the t-shirts in honor of both their father and the organization dedicated to helping severely wounded veterans:

“These guys are fighting for our country and they [her daughters] should be able to wear something that honors their parents – especially if they are wounded.”

Mrs. Perez-Gorda is right. The Texas school district in which the family lives is wrong.

“We do have a standardized dress code,” countered school district spokeswoman Aubrey Chancellor. “We certainly support the military, but we do have to be consistent across the board when it comes to following the dress code.”

Yep, schools these days must certainly stick to dress codes. Unless the student is gay. In a recent edition of Rat Droppings from Planet Looney Tunes, I wrote about 16-year-old Maverick Couch, the gay student in Ohio who sued the Waynesville High School over its refusal to allow him to wear a t-shirt to school urging “tolerance for gays.” Given the politically-correct madness which is pervasive in our public school systems, (“politically correct” as it relates to everything except Christianity and the U.S. military, that is.) As one might expect, the school caved in like a cheap tent at an Occupy riot. The message? Jesus is not a homophobe.

Too bad the Perz-Gorda girls aren’t gay.


What if Justin were gay – do you ‘spose the school would’ve let the girls wear the shirts in that case? It’s exhausting trying to figure out political correctness. 

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