There he stood – in all his hypocritical political glory – in front of US military vehicles no less – one of them even draped in an American flag. Whaddaya wanna bet he wished – for just one moment – that he was wearing a Mussolini-style uniform?

It was an epic day, to be sure. The Rat had just written his second post on the growing dissatisfaction (this one about the disgust of Navy SEALS), in the country over the Football-Spiker-in-Chief’s out-of-control – not to mention disgraceful – self-congratulatory politicization of the first anniversary of sending Osama bin Laden to hell – when word came that O had winged it to Afghanistan. Yes, folks, even Afghanistan is little more than a middle-of-the-night campaign stop for Obamapalooza 2.0.

You gotta hand it to the O-man, though; think about the desperation of a politician who flies halfway around the world to give a campaign speech at a Third World military base – at 4:30 a.m. local time – on the off chance that maybe – just maybe – he’ll get a temporary bump in the polls. (That would be 7:30 p.m. Eastern Time – what a coincidence.)

And a liberal politician to boot; given the way most liberals really feel about the military. But – this is Barack “I gotta do what I gotta do” Obama. This is the guy who will stop at nothing to prostitute himself for a vote whenever and wherever he can – especially when he can do it on the taxpayer’s dime.

I’m sure the troops were impressed, O, but I do have a question: If you’re so grateful to them – as you said last night – and you know that even the Navy SEALS are calling you out for claiming credit for the bin Laden raid, why do you continue to do so? Is that how you demonstrate your gratitude to the brave men and women in uniform, O? Do you find it not the least bit embarrassing that those who actually planned and carried out the raid have done none of the kind?

Here was the quintessential self-aggrandizing O-man at his best:

“The goal that I set – to defeat al Qaeda, and deny it a chance to rebuild – is within reach.”

YOU set that goal, O? Really? Quite the pair of balls you have there. Funny, I thought George Bush set that goal while you were still a community organizer in Chicago. Besides, you’ve never really understood the whole “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team'” thingy, have you? You don’t even possess the insight – much less the integrity – to say, “The goal that WE set,” do you?  And you bristle whenever anyone calls you out for being a grandstanding opportunist? Quite the pair, O, quite the pair.

Here’s another funny part of O’s monologue:

“My fellow Americans, we have traveled through more than a decade under the dark cloud of war. Yet here, in the pre-dawn darkness of Afghanistan, we can see the light of a new day on the horizon.” 

Really, O? The Middle East is in turmoil; Syria continues to brutally murder its citizens with no end in sight, Egypt threatens to break its peace treaty with Israel as the Muslim Brotherhood gains more and more sway, the maniacal mulluhs of Iran are on the verge of acquiring a nuclear weapon as Little Hitler continues with his threats to wipe “the Zionists” off the map – and I’d venture to bet that al Qaeda is far from being a bad memory after a worse night out on the town.

You may still enjoy congratulating yourself on the first anniversary of bin Laden’s demise – brought about, by the way, by years of intelligence gathering, the courageous decisions and actions of others, and the bravery of US Navy SEALS who now chastise you for your blatant braggadocio and exploitation of them as “ammunition” in your all-out war to cling to power, but “a new day on the horizon,” dude? Seriously? Have you no shame?

Save it for your acceptance speech at Bank of America Stadium – where you’ll have a much more receptive audience.

Of course, the Commander-in-Chief followed the favorite – and most brilliant – military tactic of liberals – telling the enemy (Tollybahn) exactly what’s going to happen and when it’s going to happen in respect to the role of US troops. Hell, he even went so far as to specify the upcoming increase in the number of Afghan troops,where and when they will be deployed, and when they will begin to draw down their numbers again.

Can you imagine being a head coach in the NFL and having the opposing coach show up at your office two weeks before the Super Bowl, only to give you his entire playbook? Liberal military savvy. How’s that for an oxymoron?

As an aside, you’re an American, O – at least that’s what you’ve told us. In America, we pronounce it “Taliban,” not “Tollybahn.” The same goes for “Pakistan” vs. “Pockystahn.” Don’t misunderstand – I know you’re trying to impress the locals with your worldly sophistication and the “correct” pronunciation of their respective names. By the same logic, why don’t you pronounce “schedule” – “shedjule,” as do the English? Or why not refer to a “windshield” as a “windscreen”? Oops, forgot; you don’t suck up to the English.

Did you notice how O turned around and walked between the vehicles after he finished his campaign speech? There was a wall behind them; where the hell was he going? Guess I just don’t understand the art of good theater.


Loved the “Sunlight glistens off soaring new towers in downtown Manhattan” part. How Reaganesque.

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  1. Well said, my friend. I wanted (sort of) to write about it but couldn’t leave the throne room long enough.

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