First it’s the press conference. Then it’s the press. Barack “The Most Open Administration in History” Obama has – for all intents and purposes – abolished the presidential press conference. Hell – the Campaigner-in-Chief hasn’t even attempted to govern the country since at least last fall; what the does he have to talk about? Other than class warfare and killing Osama bin Laden, that is.

The O-man has held just one full-length, traditional press conference in the last six months. In fact, he’s held only three since last June – counting that little staged event in Hawaii last November, when he mostly answered planted questions from the Obama Media Group.

Moreover, O generally does not allow questioning during various photo ops at the White House, such as when he makes statements with foreign leaders. Previous presidents – including the evil George Bush – routinely took at least a couple of questions on the topic of the day at such gatherings. Not so much for President Transparency.

All from the man who promised the most open administration in history. Of what, O – China? The old Soviet Union?

In place of the traditional press conference, the Regime has chosen instead to grant access to the O-man via the one-on-one interview. Both national and local reporters may be summoned for short discussions with O. This is obviously a much more comfortable venue for a man who looks physically uncomfortable whenever he strays too far from his trusty teleprompter. The one-on-one also presents the O-man with an opportunity to run out the clock – particularly given his propensity for long answers – regardless of if they speak to the question at hand or not. Such is life for the press corps on Planet Obama.

How would you feel if you were a liberal media lapdog – and you had no more access to O than does, say, Fox News?


Although, what the hell’s the difference; one-on-one, or in a large group; a lie is a lie – anyway you spin it.

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