Let’s Translate O’s Campaign ‘Kick-Off’ Speech, Shall We?


The Obama Reelection Campaign described the O-man’s delusional, self-serving speech in a half-empty stadium in Columbus, Ohio yesterday as the “official kick-off” of his campaign for reelection. Seriously? Dude hasn’t stopped campaigning for reelection since before – um – he was elected the first time. Barack Hussein Obama has never understood the difference between campaigning and governing; who the hell are they trying to bamboozle? (See: “Less-than-informed” liberals)

And of course, as one might expect, President Buck Passer was in rare form. (You know; blaming Republicans , shirking responsibility, making excuses, obfuscating and flat out lying – same ol’ same ol’.)

Also as one might expect, the O-man continued launched his campaign – in unspectacular fashion – before a group of college kids. So, the fourth best president in the history of the United States officially kicks off his reelection campaign – and he chooses to do so before an audience of Kool-Aid-drinking college kids? Why? Because it was the easiest to assemble of the various groups the O-man must continue to patronize if he is to have even a sniff of a chance of winning reelection.

Think about it: Even though the stadium was half empty, how easy would it be to assemble a similar number of – say- just Occupy morons? Or just gays and lesbians? Or just bitter women who hate stay-at-home moms? Get the picture? The O-man desperately needed to drag out the teleprompter before as sympathetic and delusional a crowd as was possible. College kids.

Can you imagine any of the presidents to whom the O-man pathetically compares himself – Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt or Ronald Reagan – kicking off a reelection campaign before a half empty stadium of college kids? Really? (If you said “yes,” you must be smoking whatever those kids smoked after (before or during) hearing their savior speak.)

As has been the O-man’s pattern throughout the history of his Regime, his speech was glaringly short on personal accomplishment and predictably long on ripping the Republicans – and Mitt Romney. One can only imagine Adolph Hitler giving a reelection speech in the burning Reichstag as allied bombs fell on Berlin; not much to brag about, would there have been?

(Memo to loons: I am not comparing Dear Leader to Hitler; I merely find the similarity in lack of accomplishment combined with a delusional sense of entitlement to remain in power humorous.)

As for the speech itself, Commander Class Warfare wasted little time before attacking Romney, whom he said was eager to “rubber stamp a conservative Republican congressional agenda to cut taxes for the rich, reduce spending on education and Medicare, and enhance power that big banks and insurers hold over consumers.”

Romney and his “friends in Congress think the same bad ideas will lead to a different result, or they’re just hoping you won’t remember what happened the last time you tried it their way,” the O-man told the cheering crowd of rabid kids. Of course, if one would have asked any number of those kids precisely what those “same bad ideas” were, the percentage of them that would have been able to provide an informed answer would have been somewhere in the neighborhood of zero. Beyond liberal talking points, that is.

As for the rest of O’s rant, it was just more of the same: Romney wants to cut taxes for himself and his multi-millionaire pals while raising taxes on average Americans, Romney wants to cut funding for education, Romney hates old people and wants to take away Medicare, blah, blah, blah.

The bottom-line translation of O’s speech in Columbus Saturday is this: More class warfare. More politics of division. More pitting one group of Americans against another – all for the purpose of avoiding discussion on broken promises, lack of accomplishment, and a desperate desire to win reelection – at any cost.

As for why he says he should be chosen by the American people to serve as their president for the next four years, the O-man -hysterically – dragged out the same old worn-out, meaningless campaign slogan he used in 2008:

“When people ask you what this election is about, you tell them it is still about hope. You tell them it is still about change.” 

The only hope we have, O, is to change your address come November – but we’ll give you until January 20 to move.  


As I’ve said so many times in the past, cojones grandes. How else can Hype and Blame be explained?

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5 replies

  1. It is that time between November and January that worries me…..

  2. When I saw the the Ohio hi-lites that evening, I didn’t see the half that was empty nor did the reader volunteer that info. Thank you. He’s never stopped campaigning and that is probably a plus. He actually gets paid to do this and that ticks me off. I’ll certainly be checking back with you.

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