Frick And Frack Finally On Same Page As O Stops Lying About His Support For Same-Sex Marriage


So, the “evolution” is complete. The O-man has finally metamorphosized into the colorful butterfly we knew he was all along. In part of a series of flip-flops that makes John Kerry look honest, O has finally come out of the closet in support of same-sex marriage. Yawn. The only “evolution” going on here is the O-man “evolving” into a state of desperation as he embarks on (continues) a problematic reelection campaign.

As has been the case with every decision made by Politician Obama, he simply calculated the political implications of coming out of the closet – and determined that he best  do it now – and announce to the LGBT community – in particular, its wealthy donors – that his “evolution” is finally complete. Of course, goofball Biden’s announcement earlier this week that he too supports homosexual marriages put the gay spotlight squarely on the O-man.

Interestingly (not), O’s reelection website immediately trumpeted his “transformation” and began pandering for campaign contributions. The disingenuous hypocrisy of this guy knows no bounds.

Also to be expected, no sooner had O fessed up to ABC that he believes gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry – than the sock puppets of the Obama Media Group rushed to chronicle his “evolution” – in a pathetic attempt to convince skeptical voters that a metamorphosis deep within The One had truly occurred. Bull crap.

Memo to loons: Please spare me your comments in support of gay marriage – and your disgust for those of us who oppose it. This post is not about gay marriage. It is about your dishonest president – and his blatant patronization of anyone and everyone he views as little more than political capital.


Should be all aglitter at George Clooney’s Hollywood extravaganza for O tonight, huh?

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