Okay, I was kidding about the ham sandwich coming in third. I was not kidding, however, about a federal prison inmate capturing more than 42% of the West Virginia Democratic primary vote – and qualifying for a delegate to the Democratic National Convention. It doesn’t get any better.

Although – I wonder how the ham sandwich would’ve done against the O-man – mano a mano?

Keith Judd, incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution in Texarkana, Texas, where he is serving a sentence for extortion, paid the $2,500 filing fee and submitted a notarized “certificate of announcement” to appear on the ballot.

The fact that more than four out ten Democrats showed up to vote in an uncontested primary simply to register a protest vote against the O-man is priceless. Think about it; West Virginia Democrats – who granted, may not be the sharpest tools in the shed – voted in embarrassing numbers for a prisoner over The One. And O hasn’t even been convicted of a crime – yet.

“Just how unpopular does someone have to be for this to happen?” asked Joe Pounder, Research Director and Deputy Communications Director of the Republican National Committee. Pounder also noted that West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin wouldn’t say for whom he voted for in the primary. Maybe Manchin voted for the ham sandwich – as a write-in.

Hell – if the ham sandwich had been allowed to run, it would’ve been the candidate with the cleanest record.


You just know that the thin-skinned O-man was livid when he heard the results.


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  1. At this moment they twist and they turn soon now it’s FORWARD they’ll go, they are now seeking a new center point; always looking, yet turning the screw. how will they get-em ,how will they win ,what must they tell the people they think dim, so that they can win? Lie’s can be justified they’ll believe anything as long as theres a Republican saying something. They can blame someone else it works Oh so well, They have thousands of people even some of their own.

  2. let’s consider a few things:

    1. it wasn’t a real election
    2. people didn’t take it seriously
    3. you’d have gotten the same result with romney
    4. it was west virginia.

    ‘nuf said.

    • Nope, it was a real PRIMARY. And you came to the “people didn’t take it seriously” conclusion based on what data? Or – what proof can you give us that “the same thing would have happened to Romney”?

      I am with you on the West Virginia part though.

      • i’m not saying it wasn’t a real primary. i’m saying it was a worthless primary. nobody took it seriously because they already know the outcome even if it were 100% for the inmate. obama already has the nomination.

        • You miss my point; you rationalized four out of ten Democrats voting AGAINST Obama. That’s why I made the ham sandwich reference. Why would “Obama supporters” embarrass their president “just for fun”?

          The fact that it was “worthless primary” from a big picture perspective is immaterial to the post – as is the point about him “already having the nomination.”

          Having said as much, I doubt that the people of West Virginia view their primary as “worthless.” 42% of them chose to register a protest vote; nothing less, nothing more.

          • 42%. and what if that were only 42 people? percentages are not worth very much and can be twisted easily.

            i didn’t miss your point. i just didn’t agree with it. also, this is a reason to admire democrats. or those democrats – for not blindly following their captain like GOPers often do. how many pundits have said for the past year how much they dislike romney, and now they’re waving flags for him. the fools on fox have done that endlessly.

            and the fact that it was a worthless primary is not immaterial to the post. it invalidates the post. if someone writes a headline that says “obama soundly defeated” but then we find that it was a vote only among the members of the new republicans club, do we take that “defeat” seriously?

          • Okay, I can see that you’re one of those. Only a Democrat would spin in excess of 42% of his party’s members voting for a prisoner – against their incumbent president. You can twist it any way you like; I’d bet the farm that the Regime was embarrassed – particularly given the O-man’s thin skin. The post was not about a “defeat.” It was about an embarrassing protest vote against your president.

            It is funny – however – how you offer desperate hypothetical scenarios, (42 votes for said prisoner, the New Republicans Club, blah, blah, blah.) whereas I stated the FACTS.

            You’ve made your point; I’ve made mine. Not interested in continuing to beat the dead horse.

            P.S. 57,081 -vs. your hypothetical 42 – Dems voted for the prisoner, compared to 76,510 votes for The One. Ouch – any way you spin it.

            P.S.S. I’d also venture a bet that the ham sandwich would’ve done pretty damn well, too.

          • it’s a meaningless vote.

            and no, i’m not “one of those” people any more or less than you are “one of those” people who i’m sure will bash obama no matter what he does. if he poses with the troops, you’ll say it was a photo op. if he doesn’t pose with the troops, you’ll say he’s ignoring them. i’m sure you’re just against any democrat no matter what. but i know i’m not against any republican no matter what. i voted reagan, bush the first both times, i almost voted for mccain, was a tough call. i voted for bush the son the first time but not the second time.

          • It meant enough to the people of West Virginia to voice their displeasure with their president.

            And no, I’m not against “any Democrat no matter what.” Honest Democrats like Joe Lieberman and Evan Bayh – just to name a couple – are not only fine, I respect them tremendously. Obama, Pelosi and Reid? Of course not, they are disingenuous opportunistic liars.

  3. I have noted the jokes of the silly old hill folk, Yet here in the great State of West of Virginia south of the New York liberal, two and perhaps four things won’t really fly, 1. for our first amendment rights we will fight except down in Charleston where its wrong.2. you can not find an Obama supporter even in the Demo party after all that he has done ,yet we know some how the man is going to win, seems its part of the change and the shame and the new FOWARD movement yes forward is now the new catch word for legalized theft..yes theft does run rampant in the nation these days, now in sticking it to rich from our point of view means your sticking it to ever one who works for his check for the wealth are insulated safely by laws that the belt way crew wont repeal and we know all of this for West Virgians can read. Yes the Change means only one thing and Foward the same, yet you want to insult the people who stand free take a moment to read our state motto and see.. we take pride in standing and working hard for what we do get greed is not what you’ll here if you look outside Chareliston ,but hey coal miners and steel works are not the cream of the crop no they are the best of the lot ,look what we did once, look what the dems did to us, now Obama and change say. taking from Peter and Paul and giving it to Tom Raul and the rest, we called it socialism and we once fought a thing called Communism now the democrtic party calls it liberalism and being progress,wow what a chamge for a once nobel country. well I am an iignorant hillybilly and this was my rant…I even gruated from skool so I must be a fool….

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