Nut Job Pelosi: Gay Marriage More Important Than Elections


Every post I write about Nancy Pelosi is going to be my last. I honestly believe that – every time. Unfortunately – or fortunately, as the case may be – San Francisco’s favorite wing-nut just keeps on keeping on with the most ridiculous comments this side of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Seriously, the woman is priceless in her wackiness.

Never one to avoid the spotlight during a controversy, Madame ex-Speaker spoke out on the O-man’s “historic” announcement yesterday that his evolution was over – and he now supports same-sex marriage. (In reality, all O did was mouth a bit of predictable strategically-timed lip service, and punt to the states on fourth and long; ironically, asserting states’ rights under federalism.) So what does the nut-job think of O’s “stunning” non-announcement?

“The statement that the president made was something that was the right thing to do for the country; it filled my heart with joy. We come here to do a job for the American people, not to hold a job; it’s more important than any political consequences.”

Seriously, Nancy? Your president would set George Bush on fire if he thought it would win him a few more – and you know it. Continue, please:

“The day after the president made a statement that was so historic, so important about who we are as Americans – it’s hard for me to adjust to a place where [she can offer political analysis]. We can’t say, ‘Well, we would have done a good thing but can’t do it because we’ll lose votes if we do.'”

Oh. My. God. Liberals will say or do anything to win votes – including lying to stupid people in exchange for their blind votes. It’s you – it’s what you people do.

Anyway, you may believe that granting gays and lesbians the right to marry is more important than holding elections – hell – I understand; Lord Obama would just as soon rule by decree with no votes on anything. But here’s the deal: While you and your snobby liberal friends are all gooey over the O-man’s lip service to gays – tens of millions of us can’t wait for November 6.

Um – in case you forgot – there’s an election goin’ on that day, Nancy – the most important election of our lifetime. Even more important than same-sex marriage; believe it or not.

The scary part is, I think the Queen of Planet Pelosi actually believes the ridiculous crap she spews.   

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